Hi, I am Dr. Shakil Akhtar, My LiveDNA is 1.438
Prof. Dr. Shakil Akhtar
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Wayne State University, Michigan, USA
Institute: Clayton State University, USA
Area of Interest: Computer Sciences
  •   Computer Engineering
  •   Mobile Network
  •   Wireless Communication
  •   Computer Networks
URL: http://livedna.org/1.438
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Akhtar, S. and A. Aly, 2004. Cryptography and security protocols course for undergraduate IT students. ACM Sigcse Bull., 36: 44-47.
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2:   Akhtar, S. and A.K. Sood, 1989. A semi-markovian performance model of CSMA/CD networks. Comput. Commun., 12: 131-140.
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5:   Akhtar, S. and M. Alam, 1987. Unavailability analysis for systems subject to unannounced failures. Int. J. Syst. Sci., 18: 727-733.
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6:   Akhtar, S. and M. Alam, 1989. Performance models for multiple bus local area computer networks via markov process. Int. J. Model. Simulation, 9: 33-38.
7:   Akhtar, S. and M.F. Wyne, 2007. Distance learning education using the web. WSEAS Trans. Mathemat., 6: 240-246.
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8:   Akhtar, S. and R. Husain, 1995. Reliabilities of the metrological maintenance/surveillance networks of the standards. Measurement, 16: 195-206.
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9:   Akhtar, S. and T.L. Chou, 1996. Introduction to a new multichannel LAN-the chi-pan net. J. Comput. Inform., 2: 296-307.
10:   Akhtar, S., 1992. Comment on: Modeling a shared load k-out-of-n: G system. IEEE Trans. Reliabil., 41: 189-189.
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11:   Akhtar, S., 1994. Reliability of k-out-of-n: G systems with imperfect fault coverage. IEEE Trans. Reliabil., 43: 101-106.
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15:   Akhtar, S., 2008. Distance learning techniques to teach IT courses. Int. J. Learn., 15: 167-174.
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18:   Akhtar, S., A.K. Sood and K.Y. Srinivasan, 1988. Semi-markov performance model of an extended token bus protocol. Int. J. Electron., 65: 907-921.
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20:   Gamez, J.F., S. Akhtar and S.N.J. Murthy, 2000. Trace driven simulation of dynamic branch prediction schemes. Simulation, 74: 227-242.
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