Hi, I am Pete Bettinger, My LiveDNA is 1.569
Dr. Pete Bettinger
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Forest Resources from Oregon State University, USA
Institute: University of Georgia, USA
Area of Interest: Plant and Soil Sciences
  •   Forest Planning
  •   Forest and Climate Change
  •   Forest Genetics
  •   Forest Management
URL: http://livedna.org/1.569
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Bettinger, P., 2009. A prototype method for integrating spatially-referenced wildfires into a tactical forest planning model. Res. J. Forestry, 3: 8-22.
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2:   Bettinger, P., J. Sessions and K. Boston, 2009. A review of the status and use of validation procedures for heuristics used in forest planning. Mathe. Comp. For. Nat. Resour. Sci., 1: 26-37.
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3:   Bettinger, P., K.L. Merry and J. Hepinstall, 2009. Average tropical cyclone intensity along the Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and north Florida coasts. Southeastern Geogr., 49: 49-66.
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4:   Bettinger, P., K.L. Merry and J. Hepinstall, 2009. Post-hurricane forest management responses in the southern United States. J. Emergency Manage., 7: 35-50.
5:   Bettinger, P., M. Clutter, J. Siry, M. Kane and J. Pait, 2009. Broad implications of southern United States pine clonal forestry on planning and management of forests. Int. For. Rev., 11: 331-345.
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6:   Clutter, M.L., J.P. Siry and P. Bettinger, 2009. Urbanization and forest fragmentation in Georgia (USA): Challenges to sound forest management. J. For. Plann., 14: 1-6.
7:   Danskin, S., P. Bettinger and T. Jordan, 2009. Multipath mitigation under forest canopies: A choke ring antenna solution. For. Sci., 55: 109-116.
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8:   Danskin, S.D., P. Bettinger, T.R. Jordan and C. Cieszewski, 2009. A comparison of GPS performance in a southern hardwood forest: Exploring low-cost solutions for forestry applications. Southern J. Applied For., 33: 9-16.
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9:   Kim, Y.H., P. Bettinger and M. Finney, 2009. Spatial optimization of the pattern of fuel management activities and subsequent effects on simulated wildfires. Eur. J. Operat. Res., 197: 253-265.
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10:   Merry, K., P. Bettinger and J. Hepinstall, 2009. Physical and biological responses of forests to tropical cyclones affecting the United States Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico coasts. Am. J. Environ. Sci., 5: 16-32.
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11:   Shan, Y., P. Bettinger, C.J. Cieszewski and R.T. Li, 2009. Trends in spatial forest planning. Mathe. Comput. For. Nat. Resour. Sci., 1: 86-112.
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