Hi, I am Hesham Abdelkhalek Abdelkhalek Elsayed, My LiveDNA is 20.12119
Dr. Hesham Abdelkhalek Abdelkhalek Elsayed
Highest Degree: PostDoc Fellow in Cost Analysis from University of Kentucky, USA
Institute: Alexandria University, Egypt
Area of Interest: Physical Science Engineering
  •   Construction Materials
  •   Project Planning
  •   Cost Estimation
  •   Risk Assessment
URL: http://livedna.org/20.12119
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Abdel-Khalek, H., S. Hafez, A. El-Lakany and Y. Abuel-Magd, 2011. Financing-scheduling optimization for construction projects by using genetic algorithms. Int. J. Social Behav. Educ. Econ. Bus. Ind. Eng., 5: 1337-1345.
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2:   Abdel-Khalel, H., K. Shawki and M. Adel, 2013. A computer-based model for optimizing the location of single tower crane in construction sites. Int. J. Eng. Sci. Innovative Technol., 2: 438-446.
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3:   Abdelkahlek, H.A., H.E. Loutfi, M.H. Elwany and M.E. Shehata, 2006. Advocacy to total quality management (TQM) implementation in the Egyptian construction industry. Civil Eng. Res. Mag., 28: 466-481.
4:   Abdelkahlek, H.A., H.E. Loutfi, M.H. Elwany and M.E. Shehata, 2006. On investigating implementation of quality management programs in the leading Egyptian construction firms. Civil Eng. Res. Mag., 28: 435-447.
5:   Abdelkhalek, H.A. and A. Arrashid, 2003. Studying, categorizing and analyzing construction claims and disputes in Saudi Arabia. J. Sci. Bull. Ain Shams Univ., 38: 157-174.
6:   Abdelkhalek, H.A. and A. Arrashid, 2004. Expert system for claims of ground water and soil conditions claims. J. Eng. Alexandria Univ., 43: 821-835.
7:   Abdelkhalek, H.A., 2000. A study of the use of information technology and electronic data interchange in construction industry in Egypt. J. Sci. Bull. Ain Shams Univ., 37: 1-19.
8:   Abdelkhalek, H.A., 2005. Determination and weighing of criteria that affect BOT tenders using AHP theory. J. Eng. Appl. Sci. Cairo, 52: 715-731.
9:   Abdelkhalek, H.A., 2006. Comparative study of not-foreseeable conditions in Saudi, Fidjc and some other construction contracts. J. Eng. Appl. Sci. Cairo, 53: 749-764.
10:   Abdelkhalek, H.A., 2007. Using artificial neural networks in predicting slipping force in vertical slipform concreting. J. Sci. Bull. Ain Shams Univ., 42: 157-174.
11:   Alsugair, A. and H.A. Abdelkhalek, 2001. Factors affecting evaluation of consultants' bids. Civil Eng. Res. Mag., 23: 270-288.