Hi, I am Mohammad Mahmoud Mohammad Ibraheem, My LiveDNA is 20.12289
Dr. Mohammad Mahmoud Mohammad Ibraheem
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Hydraulics from Benha University, Egypt
Institute: Banha University, Egypt
Area of Interest: Physical Science Engineering
  •   Hydraulics
  •   Civil Engineering
  •   Applied Sciences
  •   Engineering
URL: http://livedna.org/20.12289
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Elsaeed, G., H. Elsersawy and M. Ibrahim, 2015. Scour evaluation for the nile river bends on rosetta branch. Adv. Res., 5: 1-15.
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2:   Elsaeed, G., M. Ibrahim and H. Elsersawy, 2011. Bed shear stress evaluation at the nile river bends on rosetta branch. ARPN J. Sci. Technol., 5: 179-189.
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3:   Eltoukhy, M.A.R and I. Mohammad, 2015. Velocity distribution downstream compound weirs. Aust. J. Basic Appl. Sci., 9: 238-245.
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4:   Ibrahim, M., 2012. Experimental study to investigate the flow pattern associated to angled groins. J. Am. Sci., 8: 313-322.
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5:   Ibrahim, M.M and N.B. Abdel-Mageed, 2014. Effect of bed roughness on flow characteristics. Int. J. Acad. Res. Part A, 6: 169-178.
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6:   Ibrahim, M.M., 2014. Local bed morphological changes due to oriented groins in straight channels. Ain Shams Eng. J., 5: 333-341.
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7:   Ibrahim, M.M., 2015. Bed profile downstream compound sharp crested V-notch weir. Alexandria Eng. J., 54: 607-613.
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8:   Talaat, A., G.H. Elsaeed, K. Attia and M. Ibraheem, 2010. Local scour as a result of spur dike implementations. Nile Basin Water Sci. Eng. J., 3: 62-72.
9:   Talaat, A., K. Attia, G. Elsaeed and M. Ibraheem, 2009. Implementation of spur dikes to reduce bank erosion of temporary diversion channels during barrages construction. Aust. J. Basic Appl. Sci., 3: 3190-3205.