Hi, I am Nagwa Mohamed Abd El Monem Hazzaa, My LiveDNA is 20.12348
Dr. Nagwa Mohamed Abd El Monem Hazzaa
Highest Degree: M.D. in Audiology from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
Institute: Ain Shams University, Egypt
Area of Interest: Biomedical Sciences
  •   Hearing
  •   Rehabilitation
  •   Screening
  •   Noise Exposure
URL: http://livedna.org/20.12348
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Abou-Setta, A., I. Sadek, A. Shalaby and N. Hazzaa, 2006. Auditory integration training for autistic children. Int. J. Ch. Neuropsychiatry, 3: 39-47.
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2:   El Danasoury, I.M., N.M. Hazzaa, A.E. Saber and R.H. Elkabarity, 2013. Efficacy of frequency transposition on speech perception and production in hearing impaired Arabic-speaking children. Egypt. J. Ear, Nose, Throat Allied Sci., 14: 129-135.
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3:   El-Nabi, M.H. and N. Hazzaa, 2001. Tinnitus in fiberomyalgia syndrome: Peripheral and central mechanisms. Egypt. J. Otolaryngol., 18: 31-41.
4:   ElBeltagy, Y.F., A.G. Shafik, A.M. Mahmoud and N.M. Hazaa, 2012. Intratympanic injection in Meniere's disease; symptomatic and audiovestibular; comparative, prospective randomized 1-year control study. Egypt. J. Otolaryngol., 28: 171-183.
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5:   Hazzaa, I. El-danasoury, M. Hegazi and D. Emara, 2006. Evaluating children with specific language impairment using mismatch negativity. Benha Med. J., 23: 39-54.
6:   Hazzaa, N. and S.S. El Mowafy, 2016. Clinical features of vestibular migraine in Egypt. Egypt. J. Ear, Nose, Throat Allied Sci., 17: 17-21.
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7:   Hazzaa, N., A. Abdel Maksoud and A. Mohammed, 2000. Role of vented ear mould in fitting programmable hearing aids. Egypt. J. Otolaryngol., 15: 77-87.
8:   Hazzaa, N., E. El Saiid, D.M. Hassan and M. Moneer, 2014. Single monotic auditory steady-state response in children with severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss. Egypt. J. Otolaryngol., 30: 249-254.
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9:   Hazzaa, N., I.E. Danasoury and M. Abdel Ghaffar, 2001. Frequency-modulated system as a rehabilitative device in auditory neuropathy. Egypt. J. Otolaryngol., 18: 43-55.
10:   Hazzaa, N., W.E. Kholy and E. Tolba, 2000. Effect of aging on loudness scaling. Egypt. J. Otolaryngol., 17: 13-25.
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12:   Kamal, N., N. Hazzaa, A. Shalaby, W. El-Kholy and N. Ziton, 2004. Central auditory processing disorders (CAPD): A potential cause for scholastic underachievement. Egypt. J. Otolaryngol., 21: 191-202.
13:   Khalil, L.H., N.M. Hazzaa and A.A. Nour, 2016. Vestibular migraine: A correlation study between clinical findings and vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (VEMPs). Egypt. J. Ear, Nose, Throat Allied Sci., 17: 11-16.
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14:   Tawfik, S., N. Hazzaa, A. Shalaby and M. Thabet, 2001. Development of an Arabic battery for remediation of selective auditory attention disorder in children. Scand. Audiology, 30: 211-216.
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