Hi, I am Ahmed Ahmed Sallam, My LiveDNA is 20.278
Dr. Ahmed Ahmed Sallam
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Pesticides from Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt
Institute: South Valley University, Aswan, Egypt
Area of Interest: Plant and Soil Sciences
  •   Plant Protection
  •   Bioassay of Pesticides
  •   Chemical Control for Economic Insects
  •   Determination of Pesticide Residues
URL: http://livedna.org/20.278
My SELECTED Publications
1:   El-Wakeil, N.E., C. Volkmar and A.A. Sallam, 2010. Jasmonic acid induces resistance to economically important insect pests in winter wheat. Pest Manage. Sci., 66: 549-554.
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2:   Ezzeldin, H.A., A.A.A. Sallam, T.Y. Helal and H.A. Fouad, 2009. Effect of some materials on Sesamia cretica infesting some maize and sorghum varieties. Arch. Phytopathol. Plant Protect., 42: 277-290.
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3:   Nasr, I.N., A.A.A. Sallam and A.A. Abd El-Khair, 2007. Monitoring of certain pesticide residues and some heavy metals in fresh cow's milk at gharbia governorate, Egypt. J. Applied Sci., 7: 3038-3044.
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4:   Sallam, A.A.A., S.A. El-Massry and I.N. Naser, 2009. Chemical analysis of mucus from certain land snails under Egyptian conditions. Arch. Phytopathol. Plant Protect., 42: 874-881.
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5:   Soliman, M.M.M. and A.A.A. Sallam, 2009. Repellent, antifeedent and toxic effects of certain plant extracts on cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis Boisd. Acta Phytopathol. Entomol. Hung., 44: 327-336.
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