Hi, I am Walaa Mahmoud Mohamed AbdelRazik, My LiveDNA is 20.286
Dr. Walaa Mahmoud Mohamed AbdelRazik
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Nutrition from College of Veterinary Medicine, Egypt
Institute: Zagazig University, Egypt
Area of Interest: Animal and Veterinary Sciences
  •   Animal Nutrition
  •   Mineral Nutrition
  •   Poultry Nutrition
  •   Veterinary Sciences
URL: http://livedna.org/20.286
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Abdel Razik, W., M. El-Gamal and W. El-Eraky, 2009. The influence of selenium source on growth performance, carcass traits, and immune response in broiler chickens. Zagazig Vet. J., 37: 107-113.
2:   Abdel Razik, W., M. El-Kholy, M. Soliman and A. Sabry, 2010. Effect of olive cake, sugar beet pulp and dried brewers grain supplementation in growing rabbit diets on growth performance, digestibility and caecum activity. Zagazig Vet. J., 38: 124-131.
3:   Abdel Razik, W., M.F.A. El-Gamal and W. El-Eraky, 2004. Some studies on the influence of probiotic supplementation on growth performance and some blood parameters in broiler chickens. Egypt. J. Basic Applied Physiol., 3: 347-356.
4:   Abdel Razik, W.M., M.A. El-Gamal and M.E.H. El-Kholy, 2008. Effect of probiotic, prebiotic and antibiotic on growth performance and immune competence in broiler chickens. Zagazig Vet. J., 36: 16-23.
5:   El-Gamal, M., W. El-Eraky and W. Abdel Razik, 2002. Effect of dietary L-Carnitine supplementation on growth performance, body fat and carcass characteristics. Zagazig Med. J., 5: 985-994.
6:   El-Gamal, M.F.A., W. Abdel Razik, E.I. Hassanein and M. Hosny, 2008. Some nutritional studies and digestibility of essential oils in broilers. Egypt. J. Basic Applied Physiol., 7: 113-123.
7:   El-Kholy, M.E.H., N.E. Edrees and W. Abdel Razik, 2008. Effect of R.D. compound in broiler chick performance and residues level of some drugs. Zagazig Vet. J., 36: 56-65.
8:   Farahat, M.H., I. Rodrigues, W. Abdel Razik, M. El-Gamal and W. El-Eraky, 2009. Utilization effect of distillers dried grains with solubles and mycofix-select in growing rabbit diets. Zagazig Vet. J., 37: 10-24.