Hi, I am Mohamed Fahmy Raslan, My LiveDNA is 20.334
Dr. Mohamed Fahmy Raslan
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Radioactive Minerals from Cairo University, Egypt
Institute: Nuclear Materials Authority, Egypt
Area of Interest: Earth Science and Geography
  •   Geology
  •   Mineralogy
  •   Ore Deposits
  •   Chemistry
URL: http://livedna.org/20.334
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Haroun, Y.S. and M.F. Raslan, 2010. Occurrence of barite mineralization in bahariya depression, western desert, Egypt. J. Physiochem. Problems Mineral Process. Poland, 44: 41-52.
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2:   Raslan, M.F., 2008. Beneficiation of uranium-rich fluorite from el - missikat mineralized granite, central eastern desert, Egypt. J. Physiochem. Problems Mineral Process. Poland, 42: 185-194.
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3:   Raslan, M.F., 2008. Occurrence of ishikawaite (uranium rich-samarskite) in the mineralized abu rushied gneiss, southeastern desert, Egypt. J. Int. Geol. Rev., 50: 1132-1140.
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4:   Raslan, M.F., 2008. Occurrence of uraniferous iron grains at Gabal Gattar, El Missikat and El Erediya granites in Eastern Desert of Egypt. Resour. Geol., 59: 99-105.
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5:   Raslan, M.F., H. El-Shall, S.A. Omar and A.M. Daher, 2010. Mineralogy of the polymetallic mineralized pegmatite of ras baroud granite, central eastern desert. J. Mineral. Petrol. Sci., 105: 123-134.
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6:   Raslan, M.F., K.F. Mahmoud and M.E. Roz, 2004. Contribution to the mineralogy of the uranium bearing- hammamat sediments, gabal gattar prospect, north eastern desert, Egypt. Proceeding of the 6th International Conference on Geochemistry, Sept. 15-16, Alex, Univ., Egypt, pp: 147-158.