Hi, I am Mohamed M. Mohi Eldin, My LiveDNA is 20.3431
Dr. Mohamed M. Mohi Eldin
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Neurosciences from Cairo University, Egypt
Institute: Cairo University, Egypt
Area of Interest: Biomedical Sciences
  •   Neurosurgery
  •   Neuroscience
  •   Medical Sciences
  •   Surgery
URL: http://livedna.org/20.3431
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Assaad, A., M. Hafez and M. Mohi, 2000. Management of diastematomyelia: A comparative study between type i and type ii split cord malformation. Med. J. Cairo Univ., 68: 107-115.
2:   Assad, A., N.M.F. El-Ghandoue, M.M. Mohi and H.A. Badie, 2000. Ventriculoperitoneal shunt complications (risk factors and avoidance), in the pediatric age group. Med. J. Cairo Univ., 68: 21-28.
3:   Badie Ahmed, H.A., M.A. Hafez, M.M. El-Din and M. Bassiouny, 2000. Atlantoaxial instability in the pediatric-Age Group. Med. J. Cairo Univ., 65: 29-35.
4:   Badran, M., N.M.F. El-Ghandour and M.M. Mohi, 1999. Comparative study between narrow dynamic compression plate with transpedicular screws, and titanium transpedicular fixation in the surgical management of symptomatic Non-traumatic spondylolisthesis in adults. EJNS, 1: 175-180.
5:   Mohi El-Din, M.M. and K.M.M. El-Shantaly, 2001. Middle and lower cervical (C3-C7) pedicle screw fixation: anatomic feasibility of pedicle morphology and radiologic evaluation of the anatomical measurements. Med. J. Cairo Univ., 69: 417-424.
6:   Mohi El-Din, M.M., 2000. Posterior lumbar interbody fusion with cages (A preliminary Report). Med. J. Cairo Univ., 68: 379-388.
7:   Mohi El-Din, M.M., M.Z. El-Abdin, M.A. Hafez and A. Assad, 2001. Craniopharyngioma in the pediatric age group: A 10-year experience. Child's Nerv. Syst., 17: 427-427.
8:   Mohi, M.M., N.M.F. El-Ghandour, M.A. Hafez and H.A. Abol-Nasr, 2000. Neuroepithelial supratentorial hemispheric tumors in children (A five years experience). Med. J. Cairo Univ., 68: 273-278.
9:   Nasr, H.A., M.M. El-Din, H.A. El-Halim Dosouky and M.S. Saad Zaghloul, 1999. Surgical management of cerebellar metastases. EJNS, 14: 405-412.