Dr. Aboul-Ata Elnady  Aboul-Ata

Dr. Aboul-Ata Elnady Aboul-Ata

Research Scientist
Agricultural Research Center, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Plant Protection from Cairo University, Egypt

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Prof. A. E Aboul-Ata is a Professor of Plant Virology. He is the ACSE president for 2018-2019. He was also the President of Arsv (Arab Society for Virology) 2013-2016. He was formerly department Head of Plant Virus and Phyto Plasma Research Plant Pathology Research Institute at Agricultural research center, Egypt (2003-2006). He is a committee-member of Egyptian Society of Virology (ESV) since 2001 and general secretary for ESV since 2014 for 3-year period. He is P.I. of Swedish-funded project on plant-based vaccine against HSV-2 as collaboration between Gothenburg University, and ARC.

Area of Interest:

Molecular Sciences
Plant Virology
Molecular Biology
Edible Vaccine
Virus Epidemiology




Cairo University, Egypt

Plant Protection



Cairo University, Egypt

Plant Protection



Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

Plant Pathology

Selected Publications

  1. El-Attar, A.K., A.A.E. Aboul-Ata, J. Persson, H.H. Mazyad, A.M. Harandi and O. Olsson, 2018. Recombinant TMV vector for production of highly immunogenic plant-based vaccine antigens against herpes simplex virus type 2. Preprints. 10.20944/preprints201803.0236.v1.
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  2. Lapidot, M., D. Gelbart, A. Gal-On, G. Anfoka and F.H. Ahmed et al., 2014. Frequent migration of introduced cucurbit-infecting begomoviruses among Middle Eastern countries. Virol. J., Vol. 11. 10.1186/1743-422X-11-181.
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  3. Aboul-Ata, A.A., A. Vitti, M. Nuzzaci, A.K. El-Attar and G. Piazzolla et al., 2014. Plant-based vaccines: Novel and low-cost possible route for mediterranean innovative vaccination strategies. Adv. Virus Res., 89: 1-35.
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  4. Aboul-Ata, A.E., H. Mazyad, A.K. El-Attar, A.M. Soliman and G. Anfoka et al., 2011. Diagnosis and control of cereal viruses in the Middle East. Adv Virus Res., 81: 33-61.
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  5. Aboul-Ata, A.A., H. Mazyad, A.K. El-Attar, A.M. Soliman and G. Anfoka et al., 2011. Diagnosis and control initiation of cereal viruses in the Middle East. Adv. Virus Res., 81: 33-61.
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  6. Aboul-Ata, A.E., G. Anfoka, M. Zeidan and H. Czosnek, 2010. Diagnosis of cereal viruses in the middle East. Int. J. Virol., 6: 126-137.
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  7. Amin, H.A., A.M. Abdel-Kader and A.E. Aboul-Ata, 2009. Single Strand Conformational Polymorphism (SSCP) strain analysis and partial nucleotide sequence of Maize Yellow Stripe Virus (MYSV) segment 3 genomic RNA. Egypt. J. Plant Pathol., 37: 71-82.
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  8. Soliman, A.M., B.N. Barsoum, G.G. Mohamed, A.A. Rezk, A.E. Aboul-Ata and H.M. Mazyad, 2008. SiRNA silencing of PVX coat protein gene affects accumulation of viral RNA in potato and tobacco plants. Int. J. Virol., 4: 14-25.
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  9. Mazyad, H.M., E.M. Khalil, A.A. Rezk, M.A. Abdel-Hakem and A.E. Aboul-Ata, 2007. Genetic studies on Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl begomovirus (TYLCV) resistance in Egypt: Six-population analysis. Int. J. Virol., 3: 88-95.
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  10. Aboul-Ata, A.E., 2002. Barley yellow dwarf virus in Egypt: Current situation and prospects. Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium of BYDV, CIMMYT, September 1-5, 2002, Mexico City, pp: 1-2.

  11. Hu, C.C., A.E. Aboul-Ata, R.A. Naidu and S.A. Ghabrial, 1997. Evidence for the occurrence of two distinct subgroups of peanut stunt cucumovirus strains: Molecular characterization of RNA3. J. Gen. Virol., 78: 929-939.
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  12. Lister, R.M., A.E. Aboul-Ata, Y. El-Dawoudi, D. Marshall and K.M. Makkouk et al., 1994. Serotyping of barley yellow dwarf virus isolates from Egypt. Phytopathol. Mediterranean, 33: 152-157.

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  15. Ammar, E.D., R.E. Gingery, D.T. Gordon and A.E. Aboul-Ata, 1990. Tubular helical structures and fine filaments associated with the leafhopper-borne maize yellow stripe virus. Phytopathology, 80: 303-309.
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  16. Ammar, E.D., A.E. Aboul-Ata, G.H. Sewify and G.H. Gingery, 1990. Vector relations and ultra structure of maize yellow stripe virus transmitted by leafhoppers in Egypt. Proceedings of the 6th Congress of Phytopathology, March 5-7, 1990, Cairo, Egypt, pp: 631-637.

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  18. Aboul-Ata, A.E. and D.T. Gordon, 1989. Some factors influencing the occurrence of maize chlorotic dwarf virus inclusions in maize (Zea mays) plants. Assuit J. Agric. Sci., 20: 203-215.
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