Hi, I am Ben Naceur Mbarek, My LiveDNA is 216.646
Dr. Ben Naceur Mbarek
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Crop Physiology from Faculty of Agronomy Sciences of Gembloux, Belgium
Institute: Arab Atomic Energy Agency, Tunisia
Area of Interest: Plant and Soil Sciences
  •   Crop Physiology
  •   Abiotic Stress
  •   Molecular Biology
  •   Cereals
URL: http://livedna.org/216.646
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Abdellaoui, R., H.C. M'Hamed, M.B. Naceur, L. Bettaieb-Kaab and J.B. Hamida, 2007. Morpho-physiological and molecular characterization of some tunisian barley ecotypes. Asian J. Plant Sci., 6: 261-268.
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2:   Abdellaoui, R., H.C.M. Hamed, M.B. Naceur, C. Rahmoune, L. Betta´b-Ben Kaab and J.B. Hmida, 2007. Simple sequence repeat markers and physiological characterization of some local Tunisian barley accessions. J. Cell Mol. Biol., 6: 19-29.
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3:   Abdellaoui, R., M. Rouaissi, S. Chenennaoui, M.B. Naceur, J.B. Hmida and L. Bettaib-Ben Kaab, 2007. Genetic diversity of Tunisian local barley accessions analyzed with morphological and rapd makers: Relationship between the two methods. Korean J. Genet., 29: 315-322.
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4:   Abdellaoui, R., M.B. Naceur, H.B. Salah, H.J. Mellouli and J.B. Hmida, 2007. Effect of water deficit on physiological behavior of some collected Tunisian barley ecotypes. Int. J. Bot., 3: 283-289.
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5:   M'Barek, B.N., C.M. Hatem, A. Raoudha and B.K. Leila 2007. Relationship between peroxidase activity and salt tolerance during barley seed germination. J. Agron., 6: 433-438.
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6:   Naceur, B.M. and M. Roua´ssi, 2003. Study of genetic diversity of 6 durum wheat varieties by AFLP markers. Ann. INRAT (Tunisia), 76: 35-51.