Hi, I am Jean Andre Tinkoudgou Kabre, My LiveDNA is 226.1624
Dr. Jean Andre Tinkoudgou Kabre
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences from Michigan State University, USA
Institute: Universite Polytechnique de Bobo, Burkina Faso
Area of Interest: Environmental Sciences
  •   Fisheries
  •   Wildlife Sciences
  •   Fish Diet
  •   Climatic Modeling
URL: http://livedna.org/226.1624
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Agbessi, E.K.G., M. Camara, M. Ouedroago, H. Segnagbeto, B.M. Houngbedji and T.A. Kabre, 2017. Spatial distribution of primate species in protected area Togodo in Togo and threats to their sustainable conservation. Int. J. Curr. Res., 7: 61767-61775.
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2:   Amahowe, I.O., A.B. Djossa, A.C. Adomou, A.T. Kabre and B. Sinsin, 2012. Vegetation structure and tree diversity in habitats exploited by elephants in Benin (West Africa). J. Applied Biosci., 58: 4223-4233.
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3:   Modou, S.S., C. Mouhameth and K.J.A. Tinkoudgou, 2014. Seasonal feeding variation of the yellow mule (Mugil cephalus, Linnaeus 1758, Mugilidae) in Senegal River estuary fishery. Int. J. Agric. Policy Res., 2: 125-131.
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4:   Ndiaye, S.A.A.S., J.A.T. Kabre and B. Leye, 2017. Warthogs population count and age groups in the Senegal river delta: Case of the Djoudj national park and the Gueumbeul wildlife reserve. Int. J. Agric. Policy Res., 5: 35-52.
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5:   Sanogo, S., T.J.A. Kabre and P. Cecchi, 2014. Acute toxicity tests of two herbicides diuron and atrazine on the beetle Crenitis sp. in Volta basin, Burkina Faso. Int. Res. J. Public Environ. Health, 1: 110-120.
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6:   Sanogo, S., T.J.A. Kabre and P. Cecchi, 2014. Spatial-temporal dynamics of population structure for macro invertebrates families in a continuum dam-effluent-river in irrigated system. Volta Basin (Burkina Faso). Int. J. Agri. Policy Res., 2: 203-214.
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7:   Sarr, S.M., T.J.A. Kabre and P. Cecchi, 2013. Recruitment, mortality and exploitation rates estimate and stock assessment of Mugil cephalus (Linnaeus, 1758 Mugilidea) in the estuary of the Senegal river. Int. J. Agric. Policy Res., 1: 1-10.
8:   Sawadogo, B., J.B. Rayaisse, H. Adakal, A.T. Kabre and B. Bauer, 2017. Fipronil 1% pour-on: Further studies of its effects against lab-reared Glossina palpalis gambiensis. Parasitol. Res., 116: 2927-2932.
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