Hi, I am Olakunle Michael Sunday, My LiveDNA is 234.1477
Dr. Olakunle Michael Sunday
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of Benin, Nigeria
Institute: Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria
Area of Interest: Physical Science Engineering
  •   Thermodynamic
  •   Chemical Engineering
  •   Software Engineering
  •   Material Engineering
URL: http://livedna.org/234.1477
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Olakunle, M.S. and A. Abubakar, 2009. Effect of minimum temperature difference on fluid catalytic cracker utility requirement. Nig. J. Eng., 16: 90-97.
2:   Olakunle, M.S. and O.A. Ajayi, 2005. A review of corrosion effect and management in the food processing and beverages industries. J. Corrosion Sci. Technol., 3: 1-6.
3:   Olakunle, M.S. and S.E. Ogbeide, 2002. Thermodynamic analysis of a distillation column. Nig. J. Eng., 10: 166-174.
4:   Olakunle, M.S. and S.S. Adefila, 2006. Effect of temperature difference on utility requirement of the crude distillation unit of a refinery, the kaduna refinery. Nig. J. Eng. 13: 32-39.