Hi, I am Umar Musa Baba Tanko, My LiveDNA is 234.3041
Dr. Umar Musa Baba Tanko
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Medical Science from University of Jos, Nigeria
Institute: University of Jos, Nigeria
Area of Interest: Biomedical Sciences
  •   Anatomy
  •   Anthropology
  •   Antimicrobial Resistance
  •   Applied Nutrition
URL: http://livedna.org/234.3041
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Adoga, S.A., N.D. Maan, B.T. Umar, B.T. Ugwu and G.O. Nwaorgu, 2011. Cadaver temporal bone dissection-the jos experience. Webmed Cent. .
2:   Aguiyi, J.C., E.O. Ekwere, M.B.T. Umar, A.I. Shugaba and O. Abigail et al., 2003. Preliminary immnunization of sheep using mucuna pruriens seed protein against snake venom poisoning. Niger. J. Bot., 16: 49-55.
3:   Aliyu, R., A.H. Adebayo, M.B.T. Umar and K.G. Mangse, 2006. Anti-ulcer activity of the aqueous leaf extract of ficus thonningii moracae (Chinese banyan). J. Med. Tropics, .
4:   Ogunranti, J.O. and M.B.T. Umar, 1999. Lactic dehydrogenase activity in rat oviduct. West Afr. J. Biol. Sci. .
5:   Ogunranti, J.O. and M.B.T. Umar, 2000. Comparative histomorphometry of rabbit, rat and human oviducts. West Afr. J. Biol. Sci. .
6:   Shugaba, A.I., M.B.T. Umar and R.M. Mathew, 2006. Bicornuate uterus-a case report. Highland Med. Res. J. .
7:   Shugaba, A.I., M.B.T. Umar and S.P. Singh, 2006. Histomorphometric profile of the human vermiform appendix. J. Medical Sci., 6: 445-451.
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8:   Shugaba, A.I., M.B.T. Umar, S.O. Muhammed and R.M. Mathew, 2010. Effects of lawsonia innermis (henna) on the haematological indices of albino rats. Niger. Clin. Rev. J. .
9:   Shugaba, A.I., S.O. Muhammed, A.M. Rabiu, M.B.T. Umar and R.M. Mathew, 2008. Acute appendicitis in situs inversus-a case report. Highland Med. Res. J., 6/7: 1-2.
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10:   Umar, M.B.T and N.Y. Abdullahi, 2009. The histological effects of high cholesterol diet on the lungs of the rabbit. J. Anatomical Sci., 1: 6-8.
11:   Umar, M.B.T, S.A. Ojo, S.A. Asala, J.O. Hambolu and A.I. Shugaba, 2009. Comparison of cephalometric indices between the hausa and igbo ethnic groups of Nigeria. Niger. J. Basic Clin. Sci. .
12:   Umar, M.B.T. and A. Paul, 2010. Incidence of flat foot and anthropometric comparison between flat and normal foot of the Yoruba Ehtnic Group of Nigeria. Res. J. Applied Sci., 5: 412-416.
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13:   Umar, M.B.T. and A.I. Shugaba, 2009. Knowledge, attitude and counselling of HIV/AIDS among Nigerian muslim women in Jos, north central Nigeria. Niger. J. Gen. Pract. .
14:   Umar, M.B.T. and A.I. Shugaba, 2010. Effect of Cholesterol Diet on Rabbit Uterus. Int. J. Pure Applied Sci., 4: 47-56.
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15:   Umar, M.B.T. and J.O. Ogunranti, 1999. Ketamine Hydrochloride anesthesia in decorticate rat. West Afr. J. Biol. Sci. .
16:   Umar, M.B.T. and J.O. Ogunranti, 2001. Sterotaxic atlas and the brain of rainbow Lizard Agama. West Afr. J. Biol. Sci. .
17:   Umar, M.B.T., A.I. Shugaba and R. Singh, 2008. Age dependant somatometric and cephalometric variables among Nigerians. Highland Med. Res. J., 6: 1-2.
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18:   Umar, M.B.T., A.S. Ojo, S.A. Asala and J.O. Hambolu, 2011. Comparison of cephalometric indices between the Hausa and Yoruba ethnic groups of Nigeria. Res. J. Med. Sci., 5: 83-89.
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19:   Umar, M.B.T., R. Singh and A.I. Shugaba, 2006. Cephalometric indices among Nigerians. J. Applied Sci., 6: 939-942.
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20:   Umar, M.B.T., S.A. Ojo, S.A. Asala and J.O. Hambolu and A.I. Shugaba, 2011. Discriminant function analysis as a proof for sexual dimorphism among the Yoruba ethnic group of Nigeria. A cephalometry study. J. Medi. Tropics. .
21:   Umar, M.B.T., S.A. Ojo, S.A. Asala and J.O. Hambolu, 2009. A study of the sex variations in the cephalometric indices of three major Nigerian ethnic groups. J. Anatomical Sci., 1: 3-6.
22:   Umar, M.B.T., S.A. Ojo, S.A. Asala and J.O. Hambolu, 2011. Discriminant function sexing of the nose in the yoruba ethnic group. J. Anatomical Sci. .
23:   Umar, M.B.T., S.P. Singh and A.I. Shugaba, 2005. Orbital Measurements among the ethnic groups of plateau state, Nigeria. Highland Med. Res. J., 3: 45-50.
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