Hi, I am Eneh Onyenekenwa Cyprian, My LiveDNA is 234.3094
Dr. Eneh Onyenekenwa Cyprian
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Industrial Chemistry from University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria
Institute: University of Nigeria, Nigeria
Area of Interest: Chemistry
  •   Industrial Chemistry
  •   Sustainable Development
  •   Pollution Research
  •   Science and Technology
URL: http://livedna.org/234.3094
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Eneh, A.N. and O.C. Eneh, 2008. Engendering learning participation of pupils by use of comics and cartoons in teaching. Knowl. Rev., 17: 39-45.
2:   Eneh, A.N. and O.C. Eneh, 2008. Enhancing pupils' reading achievement by use of comics and cartoons in teaching reading. J. Appl. Sci., 11: 8058-8062.
3:   Eneh, A.N. and O.C. Eneh, 2009. Bridging the gender educational gap by using comics and cartoons in teaching pupils. Sustainable Hum. Dev. Rev., 1: 107-115.
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4:   Eneh, O.C. and A.D. Nkamnebe, 2011. Gender gap and sustainable human development in Nigeria: Issues and strategic choices. Asian J. Rural Devel., 1: 41-53.
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7:   Eneh, O.C. and J.C. Agunwamba, 2011. Managing hazardous wastes in Africa: Recyclability of lead from e-waste materials. J. Applied Sci., 11: 3215-3220.
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