Hi, I am Oyeyemi Gafar Matanmi, My LiveDNA is 234.3615
Dr. Oyeyemi Gafar Matanmi
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Statistics from University of Ilorin, Nigeria
Institute: University of Ilorin, Nigeria
Area of Interest: Mathematics
  •   Statistics
  •   Physical Sciecnes
  •   Mathematical Sciences
  •   Mathematical Statistics
URL: http://livedna.org/234.3615
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Adamu, A.N., A.E. Ohwovoriole, J.K. Olarinoye, O.A. Fasanmade, C.O. Ekpebegh and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2009. The value of HbA1c that gives a good yield for screening. Afr. J. Med. Pharm. Sci., 5: 74-78.
2:   Adewara, A.A., O. Job, A.O. Abidoye, G.M. Oyeyemi and M.O. Gali et al., 2008. Generalized lynch multivariate regression estimators with k-parameters of order 1/n. J. Math. Sci., 19: 187-191.
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3:   Adeyemi, R.A. and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2008. Time series prediction based on genetic algorithm with application in finance. Int. J. Pure Applied Sci., 1: 36-42.
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4:   Arosanyin, G.T., A.T. Olowosulu and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2011. Employment generation and earnings in the informal transport sector in Nigeria. Int. Bus. Manage. Can., 2: 139-148.
5:   Arosanyin, G.T., A.T. Olowosulu and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2012. Compliance with road safety regulations among commercial motorcyclists in Nigeria. Can. Social Sci., 8: 92-100.
6:   Arosanyin, G.T., A.T. Olowosulu and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2013. An examination of some safety issues among commercial motorcyclists in Nigeria: A case study. Int. J. Injury Control Saf. Promotion, 20: 103-110.
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7:   Ibraheem, B.A., B.L. Adeleke and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2006. Identification of significant treatment effects in unreplicated factorial experiments. J. Biometrics Assoc. Niger., 1: 101-111.
8:   Kareem, A.O., A.A. Adewara and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2015. On the choice of an efficient sampling scheme within Strata. ICASTOR J. Math. Sci., 9: 1-12.
9:   Kareem, A.O., G.M. Oyeyemi and A.B. Aiyelabegan, 2015. A note on the efficiency of geographic stratification. Int. J. Math. Stat. Invent., 3: 1-10.
10:   Kareem, A.O., I.O. Oshungade and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2015. A note on the precision of stratified systematic sampling. Open J. Stat., 5: 104-112.
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11:   Lawal, G.O., N.O. Aweda and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2015. A conditional restricted equilibrium correction model on nigerian stock exchange all-share index and macroeconomic indicators with 2008 global financial crisis effects: A univariate framework approach. Am. J. Math. Stat., 5: 150-162.
12:   Megbowon, I.O. and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2013. The development of time-series based outage distribution models for feeder lines in south western Nigeria. IOSR J. Eng., 3: 47-54.
13:   Mustapha, A.M. and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2013. Simulating demand for rice in Owode market, Offa L.G.A Kwara State. Int. J. Manage. Admin. Sci., 2: 44-52.
14:   Oyeyemi, G.M. and A.A. Adewara, 2010. Multivariate regression in complex survey design. Sci. J., 4: 185-189.
15:   Oyeyemi, G.M. and B.L. Adeleke, 2011. Sequential analysis of mean for test equality of several means. InterStat J., .
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16:   Oyeyemi, G.M. and B.L. Adeleke, 2012. Examining the impact of sample and effect sizes on the power of one-way analysis of variance F-test. Int. J. Stat. Syst., 7: 101-108.
17:   Oyeyemi, G.M. and P.A. Osanaiye, 2007. Building a quality improvement framework in the transportation industry. J. Math. Assoc. Niger. Abacus, 34: 336-346.
18:   Oyeyemi, G.M. and R.A. Ipinyomi, 2009. A robust method of estimating covariance matrix in multivariate data analysis. Sci. Annal. Alexandru Ioan Cuza, 56: 586-601.
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19:   Oyeyemi, G.M. and R.A. Ipinyomi, 2010. Some robust methods of estimation in factor analysis in the presence of outliers. J. Math. Sci., 4: 1-12.
20:   Oyeyemi, G.M., 2004. Treatment of non-normal responses for designed experiments. J. Niger. Stat. Assoc., 17: 8-19.
21:   Oyeyemi, G.M., 2006. Comparison of taguchi method of analyzing robust parameter design and graphical approach. Niger. J. Pure Applied Sci., 21: 1986-1996.
22:   Oyeyemi, G.M., 2007. Computing power and sample size for hotelling T2 test. Global J. Math. Sci., 6: 71-73.
23:   Oyeyemi, G.M., 2008. Comparison of bootstrap and jackknife methods of re-sampling in estimating population parameters. Global J. Pure Applied Sci., 14: 217-220.
24:   Oyeyemi, G.M., 2011. Principal component chart for multivariate statistical process control. Online J. Sci. Technol., 1: 22-31.
25:   Oyeyemi, G.M., A. Bukoye and I. Akeyede, 2015. Comparison of outlier detection procedures in multiple linear regression. Am. J. Math. Stat., 5: 37-41.
26:   Oyeyemi, G.M., A.A. Adewara and R.A. Adeyemi, 2010. Complex survey data analysis: A comparison of SAS, SPSS and STATA. Asian J. Math. Stat., 3: 33-39.
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27:   Oyeyemi, G.M., A.A. Adewara, F.B. Adebola and S.I. Salau, 2010. On the estimation of power and sample size in test of independence. Asian J. Math. Stat., 3: 139-146.
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28:   Oyeyemi, G.M., B.A. Ibraheem, O.S. Obafemi and S.O. Ige, 2009. Analyzing factorial experiment involving qualitative and quantitative factors. Afr. J. Sci. Technol., 10: 88-91.
29:   Oyeyemi, G.M., E.O. Ogunjobi and A.I. Folorunsho, 2015. On performance of shrinkage methods-a Monte Carlo study. Int. J. Stat. Applic., 5: 72-76.
30:   Oyeyemi, G.M., G.C. Mbaeyi, S.I. Salawu and B.O. Muse, 2016. On discrimination procedure with mixtures of continuous and categorical variables. J. Applied Stat., 43: 1864-1873.
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31:   Salawu, I.S., B.L. Adeleke and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2012. J2 Optimality and multi-level minimum aberration criteria in fractional factorial design. J. Nat. Sci. Res., 2: 69-76.
32:   Salawu, I.S., B.L. Adeleke and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2015. Review of classical methods in supersaturated designs (SSD) for factor screening. J. Math. Theory Model., 5: 38-44.
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