Hi, I am Chinedu Akwuobu, My LiveDNA is 234.927
Mr. Chinedu Akwuobu
Highest Degree: Ph.D. Student in Veterinary Microbiology from University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria
Institute: University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Nigeria
Area of Interest: Animal and Veterinary Sciences
  •   Veterinary Microbiology
  •   Animal Biology
  •   Animal Biotechnology
  •   Zoology
URL: http://livedna.org/234.927
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Adua, T., R.A. Ofukwu and C.A. Akwuobu, 2009. Retrospective study and economic cost of clinical bovine trypanosomosis in nomadic herds in Plateau State, North-central Nigeria. J. Anim. Plant Sci., 2: 85-88.
2:   Akwuobu, C.A., S.I. Oboegbulem and R.A. Ofukwu, 2007. Characterization and antibiogram of local isolates of Campylobacter species from chicken in Nsukka area, Southeast Nigeria. J. Res. Biosci., 3: 68-75.
3:   Akwuobu, C.A., S.I. Oboegbulem, R.A. Ofukwu and K.F. Chah, 2008. Evaluation of embryonated eggs as an alternative model for studying pathogenicity and virulence of Campylobacter species isolates. J. Applied Biosci., 11: 607-611.
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4:   Gberindyer, F.A., N. Wannang and C.A. Akwuobu, 2010. Comparative pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamic modeling on three brands of 10% enrofloxacin oral formulations in broiler chickens. Int. J. Poultry Sci., 9: 273-277.
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5:   Gberindyer, F.A., N.N. Wannang and C. A. Akwuobu, 2010. Bioequivalence study on two brands of 10% enrofloxacin oral formulations in chickens. Nig. Vet. J., 31: 37-44.
6:   Nwaigwe, C.O., C.A. Akwuobu and T.N. Kamalu, 2010. Response of broiler chicks to diets with bambaranut (Voandzeia subterranea) as a protein source. Arch. Zootec., 59: 141-144.
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7:   Ofukwu, R.A., A. Ayoola and C.A. Akwuobu, 2008. Medicinal plants used in the treatment of tuberculosis in humans and animals by Idoma tribe of North-central Nigeria. Nig. Vet. J., 29: 25-30.
8:   Ofukwu, R.A., A.E.J. Okoh and C.A. Akwuobu, 2008. Prevalence of Campylobacter jejuni in duck faeces around drinking water sources in Makurdi, North-central Nigeria. Sokoto J. Vet. Sci., 7: 27-30.
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9:   Ofukwu, R.A., B.K. Iortyom and C.A. Akwuobu, 2010. Mycobacterium avium and Mycobacterium intracellulare infections in slaughtered pigs in Makurdi, North-Central Nigeria: An emerging zoonosis. Int. J. Anim. Vet. Adv., 2: 43-46.
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10:   Ofukwu, R.A., C.A. Akwuobu and A.I. Okwori, 2009. Epidemiology and public health importance of bovine cysticercosis in Makurdi, North-central Nigeria. Tanzania Vet. J., 26: 37-43.
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11:   Ofukwu, R.A., C.A. Akwuobu and S.I. Oboegbulem, 2008. Presence and pattern of isolation of zoonotic bacteria in oral cavities of dogs in peri-urban areas of Makurdi, Nigeria. J. Applied Biosci., 11: 602-606.
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12:   Ofukwu, R.A., C.A. Akwuobu and S.I. Oboegbulem, 2008. Zoonotic Mycobacterium species in fresh cow milk and fresh skimmed, unpasteurised market milk (nono) in Makurdi, Nigeria: Implications for public health. J. Anim. Plant Sci., 1: 21-25.
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13:   Ofukwu, R.A., C.A. Yohanna and C.A. Akwuobu, 2007. Brucella infection among hospital patients in Makurdi, North Central Nigeria. J. Med. Pharmaceutical Sci., 3: 63-71.
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14:   Ofukwu, R.A., C.I. Ogbaje and C.A. Akwuobu, 2008. Preliminary study of the epidemiology of ectoparasite infestation of goats and sheep in Makurdi, North-central, Nigeria. Sokoto J. Vet. Sci., 7: 23-27.
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15:   Ofukwu, R.A., S. Odoh and C.A. Akwuobu, 2007. Zoonotic gastrointestinal helminths of house rat, Rattus rattus, in peri-urban areas of Makurdi: Implications for human health. J. Adv. Med. Pharmaceutical Sci., 1: 68-71.