Hi, I am Francis Akor, My LiveDNA is 234.938
Dr. Francis Akor
Highest Degree: M.B.B.S in Medicine and Surgery from University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria
Institute: Conquest Hospital, UK
Area of Interest: Medicine
  •   General Paediatrics
  •   Infectious Diseases
  •   Pediatric Surgery
  •   Neonatology
URL: http://livedna.org/234.938
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Ahmed, M., S. Donaldson, F. Akor, D. Cahill and R. Akilani, 2014. Olfactory hallucination in childhood primary headaches: Case series. Cephalalgia .
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2:   Akor, F., N.M. Liu, F.M. Besag and M.A. Ahmed, 2013. Value of tongue biting in differentiating between epileptic seizures and syncope. Seizure, Vol. 22. .
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3:   Akor, F., S. Okolo and A. Okolo, 2010. Nutritional status of newly enrolled primary school children in jos-plateau, Nigeria. Pak. J. Nutr., 9: 1166-1170.
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4:   Akor, F., S.N. Okolo and A. Okolo, 2010. Blood pressure and anthropometric measurements in healthy primary school entrants in Jos, Nigeria. South Afr. J. Child Health, 4: 42-45.
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5:   Akor, F., S.N. Okolo, A. Okolo and E.I. Agaba, 2009. Urine examination findings in apparently healthy new school entrants in Jos, Nigeria. South Afr. J. Child Health, 3: 60-63.
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6:   Bojang, K., F. Akor, O. Bittaye, D. Conway, C. Bottomley, P. Milligan and B. Greenwood, 2010. A randomised trial to compare the safety, tolerability and efficacy of three drug combinations for intermittent preventive treatment in children. PLoS One, 5: 1-9.
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7:   Bojang, K.A., F. Akor, L. Conteh, E. Webb and O. Bittaye et al., 2011. Two strategies for the delivery of IPTc in an area of seasonal malaria transmission in the Gambia: A randomised controlled trial. PLoS Med., Vol. 8. .
PubMed  |  
8:   Dondorp, A.M., C.I. Fanello, I.C. Hendriksen, E. Gomes and A. Seni et al., 2010. Artesunate versus quinine in the treatment of severe falciparum malaria in African children (AQUAMAT): An open-label, randomised trial. Lancet, 376: 1647-1657.
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9:   Pam, S., F. Bode-Thomas, E. Joseph, F. Akor and C. Ejeliogu, 2004. Which babies get blood in Jos-Nigeria? J. Haematol. Oncol., 21: 669-676.
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10:   Pam, S.D., F. Bode-Thomas, W.E. Isaac, H.B. Ibanga and A.O. Adekwu et al., 2004. Are congenital anomalies common in Jos-Nigeria. Highland Med. Res. J., 2: 19-28.
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11:   Slusher, T., R. Hampton, F. Bode-Thomas, S. Pam, F. Akor and P. Meier, 2003. Promoting the exclusive feeding of own mother's milk through the use of hindmilk and increased maternal milk volume for hospitalized, low birth weight infants (<1800 grams) in Nigeria: A feasibility study. FAAN J. Human Lactation, 19: 191-198.
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12:   Slusher, T.M., I.A. Angyo, F. Bode-Thomas, F. Akor and S.D. Pam et al., 2004. Transcutaneous bilirubin measurements and serum total bilirubin levels in indigenous African infants. Pediatrics, 113: 1636-1641.
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