Hi, I am Eric Faure, My LiveDNA is 33.1088
Dr. Eric Faure
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Marine Biology from University Paris-Sud XI, France
Institute: Provence University, France
Area of Interest: Biomedical Sciences
  •   Marine Biology
  •   Marine Ecology
  •   Biotechnology
  •   Water Analysis
URL: http://livedna.org/33.1088
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Barthelemy, R.M., A. Chenuil, S. Blanquart, J.P. Casanova and E. Faure, 2007. Translational machinery of the chaetognath Spadella cephaloptera: A transcriptomic approach to the analysis of cytosolic ribosomal protein genes and their expression. BMC Evolutionary Biol., 7: 146-161.
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2:   Barthelemy, R.M., M. Grino, P. Pontarotti, J.P. Casanova and E. Faure, 2008. A possible relationship between the phylogenetic branch lengths and the chaetognath rRNA paralog gene functionalities: Ubiquitous, tissue-specific or pseudogenes. Evolutionary Biol. From Concept Appl., 4: 155-164.
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3:   Chaoui, L., M.H. Kara, E. Faure and J.P. Quignard, 2006. The fish fauna of mellah lagoon (North-East Algeria): Diversity, production and commercial catches analysis. Cybium, 30: 123-132, (Original Atricle in French).
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