Hi, I am Oscar Vicente, My LiveDNA is 34.2393
Dr. Oscar Vicente
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Agronomy from University of Valencia, Spain
Institute: University of Valencia, Spain
Area of Interest: Plant and Soil Sciences
  •   Abiotic Stress Responses
  •   Salt Tolerance
  •   Drought Tolerance
  •   Transgenic Plants
URL: http://livedna.org/34.2393
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Boscaiu, M., P. Ellul, P. Soriano and O. Vicente, 2008. Nuclear DNA content variation in Halimium and Xolantha (Cistaceae). Plant Biosyst., 142: 17-23.
2:   Boscaiu. M., E. Estrelles, P. Soriano and O. Vicente, 2005. Effects of salt stress on the reproductive biology of the halophyte Plantago crassifolia. Biol. Plant., 49: 141-143.
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3:   Coronado, M.J., P.S. Testillano, C. Wilson, O. Vicente, E. Heberle-Bors and M.C. Risueno, 2007. The in situ identification of the Ntf4-MAP kinase expression sites in maturing and germinating pollen. Biol. Cell, 99: 209-221.
4:   Ellul, P., M. Boscaiu, O. Vicente, V. Moreno and J.A. Rosello, 2002. Intra- and interspecific variation in DNA content in Cistus (Cistaceae). Ann. Bot., 90: 345-351.
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5:   Forment, J., J.M. Mulet, O. Vicente and R. Serrano, 2002. The yeast SR protein kinase Sky1p modulates salt tolerance, membrane potential and the Trk1, 2 potassium transporter. Biochim. Biophys. Acta., 1565: 36-40.
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6:   Forment, J., M.A. Naranjo, M. Roldan, R. Serrano and O. Vicente, 2002. Expression of arabidopsis SR-like splicing proteins confers salt tolerance to yeast and transgenic plants. Plant J., 30: 511-519.
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7:   Jordan, P.A., E. Estrelles, M. Boscaiu, P. Soriano, O. Vicente and I.M. Andres, 2009. Genetic variability in the endemic Leucojum valentinum. Biol. Plant, 53: 317-320.
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8:   Lidon, A., M. Boscaiu, F. Collado and O. Vicente, 2009. Soil requirements of three salt tolerant, endemic species from South-East Spain. Not. Bot. Hort. Agrobot. Cluj., 37: 64-70.
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9:   Moruno, F., P. Soriano, O. Vicente, M. Boscaiu and E. Estrelles, 2011. Opportunistic germination behaviour of Gypsophila (Caryophyllaceae) in two priority habitats from semi-arid Mediterranean steppes. Not. Bot. Hort. Agrobot. Cluj., 39: 18-23.
10:   Naranjo, M.A., C. Romero, J.M. Belles, C. Montesinos, O. Vicente and R. Serrano, 2003. Lithium treatment induces a hypersensitive-like response in tobacco. Planta, 217: 417-424.
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11:   Naranjo, M.A., J. Forment, R. Roldan, R. Serrano and O. Vicente, 2006. Overexpression of arabidopsis LTL1, a salt-induced gene encoding a GDSL-motif lipase, increases salt tolerance in yeast and transgenic plants. Plant Cell Environ., 29: 1890-1900.
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12:   Rossello, J.A., R. Cosin, M. Boscaiu, O. Vicente, I. Martinez and P. Soriano, 2006. Intragenomic diversity and phylogenetic systematics of wild rosemaries (Rosmarinus officinalis L. s.l., Lamiaceae) assessed by nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences (ITS). Plant Syst. Evol., 262: 1-12.
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13:   Serrano, R., C. Montesinos, R. Gaxiola, G. Rios and O. Vicenteet al., 2003. Functional genomics of salt tolerance: the yeast overexpression approach. Acta Hort., 609: 31-38.
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14:   Serrano, R., R. Gaxiola, G. Rios, J. Forment, O. Vicente and R. Ros, 2003. Salt stress proteins identified by a functional approach in yeast. Mon. Chem., 134: 1445-1464.
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15:   Vaello, L., O. Vicente, C.H. Vidal, L. Zacarias and V. Conejero, 2005. Development of a citrus genome-wide EST collection and cDNA microarray as resources for genomic studies. Plant Mol. Biol., 57: 375-391.
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16:   Vicente, O., M. Boscaiu, M.A. Naranjo, E. Estrelles, J.M. Belles and P. Soriano, 2004. Responses to salt stress in the halophyte Plantago crassifolia (Plantaginaceae). J. Arid Environ., 58: 463-481.