Hi, I am Doina Humelnicu, My LiveDNA is 40.9805
Prof. Doina Humelnicu
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Chemistry from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania
Institute: Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania
Area of Interest: Chemistry
  •   Radioisotopes Removal
  •   Residual Waters
  •   Biosorption
  •   Heavy Metal Ions Removal
URL: http://livedna.org/40.9805
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Al. Cecal, D. Humelnicu, K. Popa 2010. The effect of α radiolysis on the U(IV)/U(VI) ratio in uranium-bearing ores. Rev. Roum. Chim., 55: 979-982.
2:   Al. Cecal, D. Humelnicu, K. Popa, V. Rudic and A. Gulea, et al., 2000. Bioleaching of UO22+ ions from poor uranium ores by means of cyanobacteria. J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., 245: 427-429.
3:   Blegescu, C., D. Ganju, S. Shova and H. Doina, 2017. Immobilised Co(II) homodinuclear coordinative compound with terephthalate bridge and o-phenanthroline for catalytic applications. Croat. Chem. Acta, 90: 59-66.
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4:   Bontea, D., C. Mita and D. Humelnicu, 2006. Characterisation of processes occuring during removal of uranyl ions from wastewaters using cellulose and modified cellulose materials. J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., .
5:   Bontea, D., C. Mita and D. Humelnicu, 2006. Removal of uranyl ions from wastewaters using cellulose and modified cellulose materials. J. Radioanalytical Nuclear Chem., 268: 305-311.
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6:   Cecal, A. and D. Humelnicu, 2011. Hydrogen Output from Catalyzed Radiolysis of Water In: Nuclear Power - Deployment, Operation and Sustainability Dr. Pavel Tsvetkov, Texas A&M Univ., USA., pp: 481-509.
7:   Cecal, A. and D. Humelnicu, 2013. Microelements Recovery from Uranium Sludge by Precipitation as Hydroxides. Rev. Chim., 64: 1131-1134.
8:   Cecal, A., D. Humelnicu, V. Rudic, L. Cepoi and A. Cojocari, 2012. Removal of uranyl ions from UO2 (NO3) 2 solution by means of Chlorella vulgaris and Dunaliella salina algae. Open Chem., 10: 1669-1675.
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9:   Cecal, A., D. Humelnicu, V. Rudic, L. Cepoi, D. Ganju and A. Cojocari, 2012. Uptake of uranyl ions from uranium ores and sludges by means of Spirulina platensis, Porphyridium cruentum and Nostok linckia alga. Bioresour. Technol., 118: 19-23.
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10:   Cecal, A., M. Raileanu, D. Humelnicu, K. Popa and F. Ionica, 2008. Selective Retention of U (VI) and U (IV) Chemical Species on Eichrom Resins: DGA, TEVA and UTEVA. In: Uranium, Mining and Hydrogeology B.J. and A. Hasche-Berger, Springer Berlin Heidelberg., pp:665-672.
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11:   Dragan, E.S., D. Humelnicu, M.V. Dinu and R.I. Olariu, 2017. Kinetics, equilibrium modeling and thermodynamics on removal of Cr (VI) ions from aqueous solution using novel composites with strong base anion exchanger microspheres embedded into chitosan/poly (vinyl amine) cryogels. Chem. Eng. J., 330: 675-691.
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12:   Drochioiu, G., K. Popa, D. Humelnicu, M. Murariu, I. Sandu and A. Cecal, 2008. Comparison of various sensitive and selective spectrophotometric assays of environmental cyanide. Toxicol. Environ. Chem., 90: 221-235.
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13:   Dumitrascu, D., D. Popovici, E. Vrinceanu, N. Humelnicu, D. Ouerfelli, et al ., 2016. Photocatalytic performance of systems based on uranyl incorporated SBA-15 mesopo2rous silica. Digest J. Nanomater. Biostructures, 11: 381-392.
14:   Ganju, D., D. Bontea, D. Humelnicu and G. Singurelu, 2004. Coordinating compounds immobilized on cellulose supports. Mater. Plast., .
15:   Hritcu, D., D. Humelnicu, G. Dodi and M.I. Popa, 2012. Magnetic chitosan composite particles: evaluation of thorium and uranyl ion adsorption from aqueous solutions. Carbohydr. Polym., 87: 1185-1191.
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16:   Humelnicu, D., 2008. Removal of Thorium ions from simulated wastewaters onto Callovo Oxfordian clay. Ann. St. Univ. Al.I. Cuza Iasi., 16: 77-84.
17:   Humelnicu, D., C. Arsene, B. Burghele, M. Bertescu, I. Humelnicu et al., 2010. Interaction of Actinide Cations with Heteropolyoxotungstate Ions [SiW11O39]8- and [SiW12O40]4. Rev. Chim. Bucharest, 61: 841-844.
18:   Humelnicu, D., C. Blegescu and D. Ganju, 2014. Removal of uranium (VI) and thorium (IV) ions from aqueous solutions by functionalized silica: kinetic and thermodynamic studies. J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., 299: 1183-1190.
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19:   Humelnicu, D., E. Popovici, E. Dvininov and C. Mita, 2009. Study on the retention of uranyl ions on modified clays with titanium oxide. J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., 279: 131-136.
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20:   Humelnicu, D., G. Drochioiu and K. Popa, 2004. Bioaccumulation of thorium and uranyl ions on Saccharomyces cerevisiae. J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., 260: 291-293.
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21:   Humelnicu, D., G. M.I. DrochioiuSturza, A. Cecal and K. Popa, 2006. Kinetic and thermodynamic aspects of U (VI) and Th (IV) sorption on a zeolitic volcanic tuff. J. of Radioanal. And Nucl. Chem., 270: 637-640.
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22:   Humelnicu, D., I. Humelnicu and D.Cozma, 2006. Study of the UO22+ - acid-2-amino-1-naphtalen sulphonic (ANS) system in solution. Rev. Roum. Chim., .
23:   Humelnicu, D., K. Popa and A. Cecal, 2006. Sorption of U(VI) on a callovo-oxfordian clay. Ann. St. Univ. Al.I. Cuza Iasi., .
24:   Humelnicu, D., L. Bulgariu and M. Macoveanu, 2010. On the retention of uranyl and thorium ions from radioactive solution on peat moss. J. Hazard. Mater., 174: 782-787.
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25:   Humelnicu, D., M. Ignat and F. Doroftei, 2015. Agricultural by-products as low-cost sorbents for the removal of heavy metals from dilute wastewaters. Environ. Monit. Assess., 187: 1-11.
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26:   Humelnicu, D., M. Ignat and F. Doroftei, 2015. Agricultural by-products as low-cost sorbents for the removal of heavy metals from dilute wastewaters. Environ. Monitoring Assessment, Vol. 187. 10.1007/s10661-015-4454-1.
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27:   Humelnicu, D., M. Ignat and M. Suchea. 2015. Evaluation of adsorption capacity of montmorillonite-K10 and Al-pillared clay towards Pb2+, Cu2+ and Zn2+ ions. Acta Chim. Slov., 62: 947-957.
28:   Humelnicu, D., M.V. Dinu and E.S. Dragan, 2011. Adsorption characteristics of UO 2 2+ and Th 4+ ions from simulated radioactive solutions onto chitosan/clinoptilolite sorbents. J. Hazard. Mater., 185: 447-455.
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29:   Humelnicu, D., R.I. Olariu and Al. Cecal, 2008. Recovery of some inorganic compounds from the sludges resulted after the leaching of uranyl ions from uranium ores. Environ. Eng. Manage. J., 7: 401-407.
30:   Humelnicu, D., R.I. Olariu, I. Sandu, A.V. Sandu and N. Apostolescu et al., 2008. New heteropolyoxotungstates and heteropolyoxomolybdates containing radioactive ions (uranyl and thorium) in their structure Rev. Chim. Bucharest, 59: 920-925.
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32:   Malutan, T., A. Pui, C. Malutan, L. Tataru and D. Humelnicu, 2008. A Fluorescence Emission, FT-IR and UV-VIS Absorption Study of the Some Uranium (VI) Schiff Bases Complexes. J. Fluoresc., 18: 707-713.
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33:   Mandge, S., H.P. Singh, S.D. Gupta and N.S.H.N. Moorthy, 2007. Synthesis and characterization of some chalcone derivatives. Trends Applied Sci. Res., 2: 52-56.
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34:   Olariu, R.I., C. Arsene, D. Humelnicu, V. Vasilache, 2011. Solid-pahse extraction and spectrophotometric determination of ultratrace thorium (IV) in water samples. Int. J. Criminal Invest., 1: 25-30.
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36:   Olariu, R.I., D. Humelnicu, I. Sandu, I. Humelnicu, C. Arsene, 2009. Physico-chemical characterization of a new silica-polyoxometalate thermally modified unit. Rev. Chim. Bucharest., 60: 1216-1219.
37:   Popa, K., A. Cecal, D. Humelnicu, I. Caraus and C. Draghici, 2004. Removal of 60Co2+ and 137Cs+ ions from low radioactive solutions using Azolla caroliniana willd. water fern. Open Chem., 2: 434-445.
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38:   Popa, K., A. Cecal, G. Drochioiu, A., Pui and D. Humelnicu, 2003. Saccharomyces cerevisiae as uranium bioaccumulating material: the influence of contact time, pH and anion nature. Nukleonika-Original Ed., 48: 121-126.
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43:   Popa, K., R. Tykva, E. Podracka and D. Humelnicu, 2008. 226Ra translocation from soil to selected vegetation in the Crucea (Romania) uranium mining area. J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., 278: 211-213.
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44:   Popescu, I.C., F. Petru, I. Humelnicu, M. Mateescu, E. Militaru and D. Humelnicu, 2014. Removal of uranyl ions by p-hexasulfonated calyx [6] arene acid. J. Nuclear Mater., 453: 75-81.
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45:   Popescu, I.C., P. Filip, D. Humelnicu, I. Humelnicu, T.B. Scott and R.A. Crane, 2013. Removal of uranium (VI) from aqueous systems by nanoscale zero-valent iron particles suspended in carboxy-methyl cellulose. J. Nuclear Mater., 443: 250-255.
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46:   Popovici, E., D. Humelnicu and C. Hristodor, 2006. Removal of UO22+ ions from simulated wastewater onto Romanian aluminium pillared clays. Rev. Chim., 57: 675-678.
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48:   Pui, A., T. Malutan, L. Tataru, C. Malutan, D. Humelnicu and G. Carja, 2011. New complexes of lanthanide Ln (III),(Ln= La, Sm, Gd, Er) with Schiff bases derived from 2-furaldehyde and phenylenediamines.New complexes of lanthanide Ln (III),(Ln= La, Sm, Gd, Er) with Schiff bases derived from 2-furaldehyde and phenylenediamines. Polyhedron, 30: 2127-2131.