Hi, I am Mohammad Alaa Hussain Mohammad Al-Hamami, My LiveDNA is 44.12227
Dr. Mohammad Alaa Hussain Mohammad Al-Hamami
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
Institute: Applied Science University, Bahrain
Area of Interest: Computer Sciences
  •   Information Security
  •   Knowledge Management
  •   Social Network
  •   Steganography
URL: http://livedna.org/44.12227
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Al-Hamami, A., M. Al-Hamami and S. Hashem, 2011. A proposed modified data encryption standard algorithm by using fusing data technique. World Comput. Sci. Inf. Technol. J., 1: 88-91.
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2:   Al-Hamami, A.H. and M.A. Al-Hamami, 2009. A novel strategy to provide secure channel over wireless to wire communication. Ubiquitous Comput. Commun. J., 4: 770-774.
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3:   Al-Hamami, A.H., M.A. Al-Hamami and S.H. Hasheem, 2006. Applying data mining techniques in intrusion detection system on web and analysis of web usage. Inform. Technol. J., 5: 57-63.
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4:   Al-Hamami, A.H., M.A. Al-Hamami and S.H. Hashem, 2011. A strategy to compromise handwritten documents processing and retrieving using association rules mining. Ubiquitous Comput. Commun. J., 6: 901-906.
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5:   Al-Hamami, M.A. and S.H. Hashem, 2006. Improving performance and random signature schemes in twofish cryptosystem. J. Al-Rafidian, 17: 17-25.
6:   Al-Hamami, M.A.H., 2011. A proposed anti-viruses strategy for a complex environment with a huge number of viruses attacks. J. Emerging Trends Comput. Inf. Sci., 2: 291-295.
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7:   Hashem, S.H., M.A. Al-Hamami and A.H. Al-Hamami, 2011. Developing a block-cipher-key generator using philosophy of data fusion technique. J. Emerging Trends Comput. Inf. Sci., 2: 222-227.
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