Hi, I am Luciana Cristina Brigatto Fontes, My LiveDNA is 55.1034
Dr. Luciana Cristina Brigatto Fontes
Highest Degree: PostDoc. Student in Nutrition from State University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Institute: State University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Area of Interest: Food Science Technology
  •   Food Technology
  •   Biofilm
  •   Frying
  •   Sweet Potato
URL: http://livedna.org/55.1034
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Fakhouri, F.M., L.C.B. Fontes, L.H. Innocentini-Mei and F.P. Collares-Queiroz, 2009. Effect of fatty acid addition on the properties of biopolymer films based on lipophilic maize starch and gelatin. Starch Starke, 61: 528-536.
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2:   Fakhouri, F.M., L.C.B. Fontes, P.V.M. Goncalvs, C.R. Milanez, C.J. Steel and F.P. Collares-Queiroz, 2007. Films and edible coatings based on composite native starches and gelatin in the conservation and acceptability of grapes Crimson. Cienc. Tecnol. Alimentos, 25: 369-375.
3:   Fontes, L.C.B., F.G. Oliveira and F.P. Collares-Queiroz, 2011. Optimization of the deep-fat frying process of sweet potato chips in palm olein or stearin. Am. J. Food Technol., 6: 348-361.
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4:   Fontes, L.C.B., S.B.S. Sarmento and M.H.F. Spoto 2007. Sensorial and microbiological characteristics of freshly cut apples with edible coating. Ciencia Tecnol. Alimentos, 27: 91-98.
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5:   Fontes, L.C.B., S.B.S. Sarmento, M.H.F. Spoto and C.T. dos Santos-Dias, 2008. Preservation of minimally processed apple using edible coatings. Ciencia Tecnol. Alimentos, 28: 872-880.
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6:   Osawa, C.C., L.C.B. Fontes, E.H.W. Miranda, Y.K. Chang and C.J. Steel, 2009. Physical and chemical evaluation of chocolate cake covered with gelatin, stearic acid, modified starch or carnauba wax edible icing. Ciencia Tecnol. Alimentos, 29: 92-99.
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7:   Walter, E.H.M., L.C.B. Fontes, C.C. Osawa, C.J. Steel and Y.K. Chang, 2010. The influence of edible coatings on sensory acceptance and purchase intention of chocolate cakes. Ciencia Tecnol. Alimentos, 30: 335-341.
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