Hi, I am Faris Tarlochan, My LiveDNA is 60.1536
Dr. Faris Tarlochan
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
Institute: Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia
Area of Interest: Mathematics
  •   Computational Mathematics
  •   Mathematical Analysis
  •   Mathematical Models
  •   Mathematical Programming
URL: http://livedna.org/60.1536
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Ali, A.A., J. Purbolaksono, A. Khinani, A. Z. Rashid and F. Tarlochan, 2009. Evaluation on an internal surface crack in a compound tube. J. Pressure Vessel Technol., 131: 64501-64504.
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2:   Nor, S.S.M. , M.M. Rahman, F. Tarlochan, B. Shahida and A.K. Ariffin, 2008. The effect of lubrication in reducing net friction in warm powder compaction process. J. Mater. Process. Technol., 207: 118-124.
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3:   Purbolaksono, J., F. Tarlochan, M. M. Rahman, N. F. Nordin and B. Ahmad, 2009. Failure investigation on reheater tube due to deposit and wall thinning. J. Fail. Anal. Prev., 9: 365-369.
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4:   Rahman, M.M., F. Tarlochan, S. Ramesh, A.K. Ariffin and S.S.M. Nor, 2011. Numerical simulation and experimentation of warm metal powder compaction process. Key Eng. Mater., 462-463: 704-709.
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5:   Tarlochan, F. and S. Ramesh, 2003. Biomechanical analysis of forearm extensor muscle on tennis elbow. J. Inst. Mater. Malaysia, 4: 129-137.
6:   Tarlochan, F. and S. Ramesh, 2005. Heat transfer model for predicting survival time in cold water immersion. Biomed. Eng. Appl. Basis Commun., 17: 159-166.
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7:   Tarlochan, F., 2011. Design optimization of bi-tubular thin walled columns for crashworthiness application. Key Eng. Mater., 462-463: 1218-1223.
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8:   Tarlochan, F., A.M.S. Hamouda, E. Mahdi and B.B. Sahari, 2007. Composite sandwich structures for crashworthiness applications. Proc. Inst. Mechan. Eng. L: J. Mater. Des. Appl., 221: 121-130.
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9:   Tarlochan, F., S. Ramesh and B.M. Hillberry, 2002. Dynamic analysis of the human knee. Biomed. Eng. Appl. Basis Commun., 14: 122-126.
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