Hi, I am Lee Choon Weng , My LiveDNA is 60.1724
Dr. Lee Choon Weng
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Marine Chemistry from Hokkaido University, Japan
Institute: University of Malaya, Malaysia
Area of Interest: Environmental Sciences
  •   Marine Microbial Ecology
  •   Marine Microbiology
  •   Coastal Biogeochemistry
  •   Marine Chemistry
URL: http://livedna.org/60.1724
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Bong, C.W. and C.W. Lee, 2005. Microbial abundance and nutrient concentration in riverine and coastal waters of North-East Langkawi. Malaysian J. Sci., 24: 29-35.
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2:   Bong, C.W. and C.W. Lee, 2008. Nearshore and offshore comparison of marine water quality variables measured during SESMA 1. Malaysian J. Sci., 27: 25-31.
3:   Bong, C.W. and C.W. Lee, 2011. The contribution of heterotrophic nanoflagellate grazing towards bacterial mortality in tropical waters: Comparing estuaries and coastal ecosystems. Mar. Freshwater Res., 62: 414-420.
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4:   Hii, Y.S., A.T. Law, N.A.M. Shazili, M.K. Abdul-Rashid and C.W. Lee, 2009. Biodegradation of Tapis blended crude oil in marine sediment by a consortium of symbiotic bacteria. Int. Biodeterior. Biodegrad., 63: 142-150.
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5:   Kudo, I., T. Yoshimura, C.W. Lee, M. Yanada and Y. Maita, 2007. Nutrient regeneration at bottom after a massive spring bloom in a subarctic coastal environment, Funka Bay, Japan. J. Oceanogr., 63: 791-801.
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6:   Lee, C.W. and C.W. Bong, 2007. Bacterial respiration, growth efficiency and protist grazing rates in mangrove waters in Cape Rachado, Malaysia. Asian J. Water Environ. Pollut., 4: 11-16.
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7:   Lee, C.W. and C.W. Bong, 2008. Bacterial abundance and production and their relation to primary production in tropical coastal waters of Peninsular Malaysia. Mar. Freshwater Res., 59: 10-21.
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8:   Lee, C.W., 2003. The effects of thermal effluent on marine diatoms and bacteria. Malaysian J. Sci., 22: 23-27.
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9:   Lee, C.W., A.Y.F. Ng, C.W. Bong, K. Narayanan, E.U.H. Sim and C.C. Ng, 2011. Investigating the decay rates of Escherichia coli relative to Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Salmonella typhi in tropical coastal waters. Water Res., 45: 1561-1570.
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10:   Lee, C.W., A.Y.F. Ng, K. Narayanan, E.U.H. Sim and C.C. Ng, 2009. Isolation and characterization of culturable bacteria from tropical coastal waters. Ciencias Mar., 35: 153-167.
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11:   Lee, C.W., C.W. Bong and Y.S. Hii, 2009. Temporal variation of bacterial respiration and growth efficiency in tropical coastal waters. Applied Environ. Microbiol., 75: 7594-7601.
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12:   Lee, C.W., C.W. Bong, C.C. Ng and S.A. Alias, 2006. Factors affecting variability of heterotrophic and phototrophic microorganisms at high water in a mangrove forest at Cape Rachado, Malaysia. Malaysian J. Sci., 25: 55-66.
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13:   Lee, C.W., C.W. Bong, M.A.M. Yusof and S.A. Alias, 2005. Bacteria-mediated carbon flux in mangrove waters: A Malaysian perspective. Int. J. Ecol. Environ. Sci., 31: 203-211.
14:   Lee, C.W., I. Kudo, H. Morishita, M. Yanada and Y. Maita, 2001. Examining the relationship between bacteria and heterotrophic nanoflagellates in Funka Bay (Japan) using the size-fractionation method. Aquat. Ecol., 35: 1-8.
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15:   Lee, C.W., I. Kudo, M. Yanada and Y. Maita, 2001. Bacterial abundance and production and heterotrophic nanoflagellate abundance in subarctic coastal waters (Western North Pacific Ocean). Aquat. Microb. Ecol., 23: 263-271.
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16:   Lee, C.W., I. Kudo, M. Yanada and Y. Maita, 2001. Bacterial abundance and production and their relation to primary production in Funka Bay. Plankton Biol. Ecol., 48: 1-9.
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17:   Lee, C.W., I. Kudo, T. Yokokawa, M. Yanada and Y. Maita, 2002. Dynamics of bacterial respiration and related growth efficiency, dissolved nutrients and dissolved oxygen concentration in a subarctic coastal embayment. Mar. Freshwater Res., 53: 1-7.
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18:   Sim, E.U.H., C.H. Ang, C.C. Ng, C.W. Lee and K. Narayanan, 2010. Differential expression of a subset of ribosomal protein genes in cell lines derived from human nasopharyngeal epithelium. J. Hum. Genet., 55: 118-120.
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19:   Yanada, M., T. Yokokawa, C.W. Lee, H. Tanaka, I. Kudo and Y. Maita, 2000. Seasonal variation of two different heterotrophic bacterial assemblages in subarctic coastal seawater. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser., 204: 289-292.
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20:   Zainuddin, N., S.A. Alias, C.W. Lee, R. Ebel, N.A. Othman, M.R. Mukhtar and K. Awang, 2010. Antimicrobial activities of marine fungi from Malaysia. Bot. Mar., 53: 507-513.
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