Hi, I am Abd Rahim Abu Bakar, My LiveDNA is 60.287
Dr. Abd Rahim Abu Bakar
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Mechanical Enginnering from University of Liverpool, UK
Institute: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
Area of Interest: Engineering
  •   Mechanical Engineering
  •   Civil Engineering
  •   Structural Dynamics
  •   Material Engineering
URL: http://livedna.org/60.287
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Abu Bakar, A.R. and H. Ouyang, 2006. Complex eigenvalue analysis and dynamic transient analysis in predicting disc brake squeal. Int. J. Vehicle Noise Vib., 2: 143-155.
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2:   Abu Bakar, A.R. and H. Ouyang, 2008. A prediction methodology of disc brake squeal using complex eigenvalue analysis. Int. J. Vehicle Des., 46: 416-435.
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3:   Abu Bakar, A.R. and H. Ouyang, 2008. Wear prediction of friction material and brake squeal using the finite element method. Wear, 264: 1069-1076.
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4:   Abu Bakar, A.R., H. Ouyang, L. Li and S. James, 2008. Finite element analysis of wear and its effect on squeal generation. J. Automobile Eng. Part D, 222: 1153-1165.
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5:   Abu Bakar, A.R., M.R. Buang, M.Z.M. Rashid and R.A. Rahman, 2009. Suppression of drum brake squeal through structure modifications using finite element method. Int. J. Vehicle Des., 51: 3-20.
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6:   Awang, I.M., A.R. Abu Bakar, B.A. Ghani, R.A. Rahman and M.Z.M. Zain, 2009. Complex eigenvalue analysis of windscreen wiper chatter noise and its suppression by structural modifications. Int. J. Vehicle Struct. Syst., 1: 244-249.
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7:   Ouyang, H., A.R. Abu Bakar and L. Li, 2009. A combined analysis of heat conduction, contact pressure and transient vibration of a disk brake. Int. J. Vehicle Des., 51: 190-206.
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