Hi, I am Nukman Bin Yusoff, My LiveDNA is 60.609
Dr. Nukman Bin Yusoff
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Laser Materials Processing from Loughborough University, UK
Institute: University of Malaya, Malaysia
Area of Interest: Physical Science Engineering
  •   Material Engineering
  •   Mechanical Engineering
  •   Biomedical Engineering
  •   Laser Interferometers
URL: http://livedna.org/60.609
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Dhakshyani, R., Y. Nukman, N.A. Abu Osman, A.M. Merican and J. George, 2010. Rapid prototyping medical models for dysplastic hip orthopaedic surgery. Proc. Instit. Mech. Eng. Part B, J. Eng. Manuf., 224: 769-776.
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2:   Edi, P., N. Yusoff And A.A. Yazid, 2008. The aerodynamic configuration design of high subsonic wing using Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD). Wseas Trans. Appl. Theor. Mechanics, 3: 789-798.
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3:   Edi, P., N. Yusoff, A.A. Yazid, C.K. Setyawan, W. Nurkas and W.A. Suyono, 2008. New design concept of compound helicopter. Wseas Transact. Appl. Theor. Mechanics, 3: 799-808.
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4:   Hambali, A., S.M. Sapuan, N. Ismail and Y. Nukman, 2009. Application of analytical hierarchy process in the design concept selection of automotive composite bumper beam during the conceptual design stage. J. Sci. Res. Essays, 4: 198-211.
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5:   Hambali, A., S.M. Sapuan, N. Ismail and Y. Nukman, 2010. Material selection of polymeric composite automotive bumper beam using analytical hierarchy process. J. Central South Univ. Technol., 17: 244-256.
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6:   Wazed, M.A., S. Ahmed and N. Yusoff, 2008. Commonality models in manufacturing resources planning. Eur. J. Sci., 23: 421-435.
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7:   Wazed, M.A., S. Ahmed and N. Yusoff, 2009. Impacts of common components on production system in an uncertain environment. Sci. Res. Essay Acad. J., 14: 1505-1517.
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8:   Wazed, M.A., S. Ahmed and N. Yusoff, 2010. Commonality in manufacturing resources planning issues and models: A review. Eur. J. Ind. Eng., 4: 167-188.
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