Hi, I am Nur Barizah Abu Bakar, My LiveDNA is 60.719
Mrs. Nur Barizah Abu Bakar
Highest Degree: M.Sc. in Accounting from International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia
Institute: Alfaisal University, Saudi Arabia
Area of Interest: Business Management and Accounting
  •   Accounting
  •   Auditor Independence
  •   Ethics in Accounting Education
  •   Public Sector Reporting
URL: http://livedna.org/60.719
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Abdul Rahman, A.R., AB. Nur Barizah and A.W. Syafie, 2005. Syariah Governance of Islamic Banks. In: Perceptions of the Responsibility and Independence of Syariah Advisers, Hassan, V., B. Shanmugam and V. Perumal (Eds.). Corporate Governance: An Islamic Paradigm. UPM Press, Kuala Lumpur, ISBN: 983-3455-30-1, pp: 20-33.
2:   Adnan, M.A. and A.B. Nur Barizah, 2009. Accounting treatment for corporate zakat: A critical review. Int. J. Islamic Middle Eastern Finance Manage., 2: 32-45.
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3:   Annuar, H.Z. and A.B. Nur Barizah, 2010. Issues on Takaful affecting the choice of accounting policies: A case study of two Takaful companies in Malaysia. Int. Bus. Res., 3: 187-193.
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4:   Nur Barizah, A.B. and A.R. Abdul Rahman, 2007. Comparative study of zakah and modern taxation. J. King Abdul Aziz Univ. Islamic Econ., 20: 25-40.
5:   Nur Barizah, A.B. and H.M. Abdul Rashid, 2010. Motivations of paying zakat on income: Evidence from Malaysia. Int. J. Econ. Finance, 2: 76-84.
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6:   Nur Barizah, A.B. and M. Ahmad, 2009. Auditor independence: Malaysian accountants perceptions. Int. J. Bus. Manage., 4: 129-141.
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7:   Nur Barizah, A.B. and S. Azman, 2007. Role of stakeholders of a business entity: An islamic paradigm. J. ISEFID Islamic Econ. Forum Indonesia Developm., 6: 28-44.
8:   Nur Barizah, A.B., 2007. A zakat accounting standard for Malaysian companies. Am. J. Islamic Social Sci., 24: 74-92.
9:   Nur Barizah, A.B., 2007. Malaysia-China in the 21st century: Prosperity through cooperation. Utara Manage. J., 4: 1-12.
10:   Nur Barizah, A.B., 2008. Study Guide: Zakat Accounting Concepts and Applications. Wisewords Publishing, Kuala Lumpur, ISBN: 978-983-43538-1-0.
11:   Nur Barizah, A.B., 2008. Zakat and taxation: A conceptual comparison. J. Islam Int. Affairs, 2: 91-103.
12:   Nur Barizah, A.B., A.R. Abdul Rahman and H.M. Abdul Rashid, 2005. Factors influencing auditor independence: Malaysian loan officers perceptions. Managerial Auditing J., 20: 804-822.
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13:   Nur Barizah, A.B., S. Ismail and S. Mamat, 2008. Ethics of future accounting professionals: Evidence from Malaysia. J. Fin. Rep. Accounting, 6: 21-33.
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14:   Nur Barizah, A.B., S. Ismail and S. Mamat, 2010. Will graduating year accountancy students cheat in examination: A Malaysian case. Int. Educ. Stud., 3: 145-152.
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