Hi, I am Is Fatimah, My LiveDNA is 62.1211
Dr. Is Fatimah
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Chemistry from Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Institute: Islamic University of Indonesia, Indonesia
Area of Interest: Chemistry
  •   Photocatalysis
  •   Chemical Kinetics
  •   Heterogeneous Catalysis
  •   Clay Modification
URL: http://livedna.org/62.1211
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Fatimah, I., P.R. Shukla and F. Kooli, 2009. Combined photocatalytic and fenton oxidation of methyl orange dye using iron exchanged titanium pillared montmorillonite. J. Applied Sci., 9: 3715-3722.
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2:   Fatimah, I., S. Wang, Narsito and K. Wijaya, 2010. Composites of TiO2-aluminum pillared montmorillonite: Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue. Applied Clay Sci., 50: 588-593.
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3:   Ibrahim, S., I. Fatimah, H.M. Ang and S. Wang, 2010. Adsorption of anionic dyes in aqueous solution using chemically modified barley straw. Water Sci. Technol., 62: 1177-1182.
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4:   Shukla, P., I. Fatimah, S. Wang , H.M. Ang and M.O. Tade, 2010. Photocatalytic generation of sulphate and hydroxyl radicals using zinc oxide under low-power UV to oxidise phenolic contaminants in wastewater. Cataly. Today, 157: 410-414.
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