Hi, I am Elly Herwana, My LiveDNA is 62.1373
Dr. Elly Herwana
Highest Degree: M.Sc. in Medical Pharmacology from University of Indonesia, Indonesia
Institute: University of Indonesia, Indonesia
Area of Interest: Pharmacology and Toxicology
  •   Antimicrobial
  •   Epidemiology
  •   Infection Biology
  •   Bacterial Resistance
URL: http://livedna.org/62.1373
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Bukitwetan, P., J.E. Suryawidjaja, O.C. Salim, A. Hidayat, E. Herwana and M. Lesmana, 2007. Serovar distribution and antibiotic susceptibility of nontyphoidal Salmonella isolated from pediatric patients in Jakarta, Indonesia. Southeast Asian J. Trop. Med. Public Health, 38: 1088-1094.
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2:   Herwana, E., E.S. Surjawidjaja, O.C. Salim, N. Indriani, P. Bukitwetan and M. Lesmana, 2010. Shigella-associated diarrhea in children in south Jakarta, Indonesia. Southeast Asian J. Trop. Med. Public Health, 41: 418-425.
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3:   Herwana, E., J.E. Surjawidjaja, A. Hidayat and M. Lesmana, 2006. Inhibition effect of zinc sulfate on growth of Shigella Spp. Univ. Med., 25: 1-6.
4:   Lesmana, M., J.E. Suryawidjaja, E. Herwana, O.C. Salim and P. Bukitwetan, 2005. Serotype distribution and antibiotic resistance pattern of nontyphoid Salmonella in Jakarta. Univ. Med., 25: 7-14.
5:   Lesmana, M., O.C. Salim, E. Herwana, P. Bukitwetan and E.S. Surjawidjaja, 2008. Comparative analysis of transport media for isolating Shigella. Univ. Med., 27: 51-56.
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6:   Yenny and E. Herwana, 2006. The prevalence of chronic disease and quality of life in elderly. Univ. Med., 25: 164-171.