Dr. Neti  Yuliana

Dr. Neti Yuliana

Research Scientist
University of Lampung, Indonesia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Food Science and Agribusiness from University of the Philippine at Los Banos, Philippines

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Area of Interest:

Food Science Technology
Agroindustrial Product Technology
Food Science
Agroindustrial Technology

Selected Publications

  1. Nurdjanah, S., N. Yuliana, S. Astuti, J. Hernanto and Z. Zukryandry, 2017. Physico chemical, antioxidant and pasting properties of pre-heated purple sweet potato flour. J. Food Nut. Sci., 5: 140-146.
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  2. Yuliana, N., S. Nurdjanah, R. Sugiharto and D. Amethy, 2014. Effect of spontaneous lactic acid fermentation on physico-chemical properties of sweet potato flour. Microbiol. Indonesia, 8: 1-8.
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  3. Yuliana, N., S. Nurdjanah and M. Margareta, 2013. The effect of a mixed-starter culture of lactic acid bacteria on the characteristics of pickled orange-fleshed sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.). Microbiol. Indonesia, 7: 1-8.
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  4. Yuliana, N. and E.I. Dizon, 2011. Phenotypic identification of lactic acid bacteria isolated from Tempoyak (Fermented durian) made in the philippines. Int. J. Biol., 3: 145-152.
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  5. Neti, Y., Erlinda, I.D. and V.G. Virgilio, 2011. The effect of spontaneous fermentation on the volatile flavor constituents of durian. Int. Food Res. J., 18: 635-641.
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  6. Yuliana, N. and V.V. Garcia, 2009. Influence of Pediococcus acidilactici as a starter on the flavour of tempoyak (Fermented durian). Indian J. Biotechnol., 8: 304-310.
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