Hi, I am Jonghwan Lee, My LiveDNA is 82.350
Dr. Jonghwan Lee
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University, USA
Institute: BlueBiz Incorporation, Korea
Area of Interest: Engineering
  •   Industrial Engineering
  •   Systems Simulation
  •   Facilities Design
  •   Supply Chain Management
URL: http://livedna.org/82.350
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Kim, T.S., H.S. Park, J. Lee, S.H. Chang and S.H. Kim, 2006. Scheduling optimization for safety decommissioning of research reactor. J. Korea Safety Manage. Sci., 8: 67-75.
2:   Lee, J. and W. Cha, 2008. Console shape and layout for main control room in nuclear plant. J. Korean Inst. Plant Eng., 13: 35-45.
3:   Lee, J., 2005. Modeling, analysis of flexible manufacturing system by petri nets. J. Soc. Korea Ind. Syst. Eng., 28: 36-41.
4:   Lee, J., 2006. Interactive fuzzy linear programming with two-phase approach. Int. J. Fuzzy Logic Intell. Syst., 6: 232-239.
5:   Lee, J., 2006. The tactical-level room allocation problem for hotel industry by incorporating the other sources by revenue into overall revenue management system for the hotel industry. J. Soc. Korea Ind. Syst. Eng., 29: 27-33.