Hi, I am Hyung Seok Lee, My LiveDNA is 82.552
Dr. Hyung Seok Lee
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Management Science and Information Systems from Korea University, South Korea
Institute: Chungbuk National University, South Korea
Area of Interest: Business Management and Accounting
  •   Service Quality
  •   Service Management
  •   Internet Business
  •   Business Development
URL: http://livedna.org/82.552
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Kim, J.W. and H. S. Lee, 2008. Some considerations in diffusing e-teaching for higher education: A case of Sahmyook university in Korea. J. Internet Bank. Commerce, 13: 1-12.
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2:   Kim, Y. and H.S. Lee, 2011. Conceptual modeling on the relationship between trust and stickiness to corporate blog in Korea. Inf., 14: 1151-1170.
3:   Lee, H.S. and J.W. Kim, 2010. Student user satisfaction with web-based information systems in Korean Universities. Int. J. Bus. Manage., 5: 62 -68.
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4:   Lee, H.S., 2010. Factors influencing customer loyalty of mobile phone service: empirical evidence from Koreans. J. Internet Banking Commerce, 15: 1-14.
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5:   Lee, H.S., 2011. Effects of information intermediary functions of comparison shopping sites on customer loyalty. J. Internet Banking Commerce, 16: 1-11.
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6:   Lee, H.S., 2011. Hedonic price modeling of the quality attributes of Products. Inf., 14: 1925-1934.
7:   Lee, H.S., 2011. Measuring the quality of fast-food service in Korea. Inf., 14: 115-126.
8:   Lee, H.S., 2013. Major moderators influencing the relationships of service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Asian Soc. Sci., 9: 1-11.
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9:   Lee, H.S., K. Park and S.Y. Kim, 2003. Estimation of information value on the internet: Application of hedonic price model. Electronic Commerce Res. Appl., 2: 73-80.
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10:   Lee, H.S., Y.H. Choi and N.O. Jo, 2009. Determinants affecting user satisfaction with campus portal services in Korea. J. Internet Bank. Commerce, 14: 1-18.
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11:   Lee, K.S., H.S. Lee and S.Y. Kim, 2007. Factors influencing the adoption behavior of mobile banking: A South Korean perspective. J. Inter. Bank. Commerce, 12: 1-9.
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12:   Song, Y.W., J.D. Kim, L. Yu, H.K. Lee and H.S. Lee, 2012. A comparative study of the telematics industry in Korea and China. J. Internet Banking Commerce, 17: 1-13.
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13:   Yuan, X., H.S. Lee and S.Y. Kim, 2010. Present and future of internet banking in China. J. Internet Banking Commerce, 15: 1-10.
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