Hi, I am Quang-Dung Tran, My LiveDNA is 84.17016
Dr. Quang-Dung Tran
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Economics and Technical Management from Hohai University, China
Institute: National University of Civil Engineering, Vietnam
Area of Interest: Business Management and Accounting
  •   Business Management
  •   Information Systems
  •   Adoption of IT
  •   Entrepreneurship
URL: http://livedna.org/84.17016
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Ali, A.A.B., J.J. Miao and Q.D. Tran, 2014. E-commerce institutionalization in SMEs in less developed countries: A model and instrument. Int. J. E-Adoption, 5: 1-21.
2:   Ali, A.A.B., J.J. Miao and T.Q. Dung, 2016. Empirical study on adoption and institutionalization of B2B e-commerce in SMEs in Saudi Arabia. WSEAS Trans. Comput., 15: 189-211.
3:   Huang, D.C., Q.D. Tran, T.Q.T. Nguyen and S. Nazir, 2014. Initial adoption vs. institutionalization of E-procurement in construction firms: The role of government in developing countries. Int. J. Enterprise Inform. Syst., 10: 1-21.
4:   Nazir, S., A. Shafi, W. Qun, N. Nazir and Q.D. Tran, 2016. Influence of organizational rewards on organizational commitment and turnover intentions. Employee Relat., 38: 596-619.
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5:   Tran, Q., C. Zhang, H. Sun and D. Huang, 2014. Initial adoption versus institutionalization of e-procurement in construction firms: An empirical investigation in Vietnam. J. Global Inform. Technol. Manage., 17: 91-116.
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6:   Tran, Q.D. and D.C. Huang, 2014. E-Procurement institutionalization in construction industry in developing countries: A model and instrument. WSEAS Trans. Comput., 13: 152-176.
7:   Tran, Q.D., 2011. Favorable conditions and barriers in implementing e-Bidding in Vietnam and improvement solutions. J. Sci. Technol. Danang Univ., 4: 173-179.
8:   Tran, Q.D., D. Huang and S. Drew, 2013. Assessment of internet-based e-commerce readiness in vietnamese construction enterprises: Towards an industry-oriented framework and a context-specific instrument. Inform. Technol. J., 13: 201-216.
9:   Tran, Q.D., D. Huang and T. Kieu, 2012. The current situation of Vietnamese construction industry and a context-oriented e-readiness framework. Int. J. Manage. Comput. Sci., 2: 150-166.
10:   Tran, Q.D., D. Huang, B. Liu and H.M. Ekram, 2011. A construction enterprise's readiness level in implementing e-procurement: A system engineering assessment model. Syst. Eng. Procedia, 2: 131-141.
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11:   Tran, Q.D., D.C. Huang and C.Z. Zhang, 2013. An assessment method of the integrated e-commerce readiness for construction organizations in developing countries. Int. J. E-Adopt., 5: 37-51.
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12:   Tran, Q.D., Q.B. Vo and H.D. Nguyen, 2011. E-commerce in construction industry in Vietnam: Barriers and drivers. Rev. Ministry Constr., 50: 69-72.
13:   Van, V.T., D. Huang, M.E. Hossain and T.Q. Dung, 2017. The inter-linkage among FDI, export and economic growth in Vietnam: A causality analysis. Eur. J. Bus. Manage., 9: 116-127.
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