Hi, I am Jian Cao, My LiveDNA is 86.1077
Dr. Jian Cao
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry from The University of New Mexico, USA
Institute: University of California, USA
Area of Interest: Chemistry
  •   Enzymology
  •   Protein Chemistry
  •   Mass Spectrometry
  •   Biochemistry
URL: http://livedna.org/86.1077
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Cao, J., X. Hang, Z. Hong, G. Weimin and D. Dunaway-Mariano, 2009. The mechanisms of human hotdog-fold thioesterase 2 (hTHEM2) substrate recognition and catalysis illuminated by a structure and function based analysis. Biochemistry, 48: 1293-1304.
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2:   Wu, R., A.S. Reger, J. Cao, A.M. Gulick and D. Dunaway-Mariano, 2007. Rational redesign of the 4-chlorobenzoate binding site of 4-chlorobenzoate: Coenzyme A ligase for expanded substrate range. Biochemistry, 46: 14487-14499.
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3:   Wu, R., J. Cao, X. Lu, A.S. Reger, A.M. Gulick and D. Dunaway-Mariano, 2008. Mechanism of 4-chlorobenzoate:Coenzyme A ligase catalysis. Biochemistry, 47: 8026-8039.
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4:   Zhuang, Z., F. Song, H. Zhao, L. Li and J. Cao et al., 2008. Divergence of function in the hot dog fold enzyme superfamily: The bacterial thioesterase YciA. Biochemistry, 47: 2789-2796.
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