Hi, I am Yongmao Ren, My LiveDNA is 86.1150
Dr. Yongmao Ren
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Computer Science from Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Institute: Computer Network Information Center, China
Area of Interest: Computer Sciences
  •   Future Internet
  •   Transport Protocol
  •   Network Architecture
  •   High Speed Network
URL: http://livedna.org/86.1150
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Chang, X., Y. Ren and J. Li, 2012. LISP-HIMS:A hierarchical identifier mapping system for LISP. Comput. Sci., 39: 35-39.
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2:   Chen, X.X., Y.M. Ren, J. Li and X.D. Zhang, 2010. A survey on network measurement and analysis. Comput. Syst. Appl., 19: 244-249.
3:   Li, Y.M., Y.M. Ren and J. Li, 2010. Comparison and evaluation of UDP-based transport protocol performance. Appl. Res. Comput., 27: 3906-3910.
4:   Liu, P., Y. Ren and J. Li, 2012. Survey on multipath TCP congestion control. J. Commun., 33: 233-238.
5:   Qian, H.L., Y. E, J.G. Ge, Y. Ren and J. Li, 2012. Dual IP address space architecture. J. Software, 23: 97-107.
6:   Ren, Y., H. Tang, J. Li and H. Qian, 2009. Performance comparison of UDP-based protocols over fast long distance network. Inform. Technol. J., 8: 600-604.
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7:   Ren, Y., J. Li, L. Li, S. Shi, J. Zhi and H. Wu, 2017. Modeling content transfer performance in information-centric networking. Future Gener. Comput. Sys., 74: 12-19.
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8:   Ren, Y., J. Li, S. Shi, L. Li, G. Wang and B. Zhang, 2016. Congestion control in named data networking – A survey. Comput. Commun., 86: 1-11.
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9:   Ren, Y., Y. Zhao, P. Liu, K. Dou and J. Li, 2014. A survey on TCP Incast in data center networks. Int. J. Commun. Sys., 27: 1160-1172.
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10:   Ren, Y.M., G.T. Qin, N.A. Hai, J. Li and H.L. Qian, 2008. Performance analysis of transport protocol over fast long distance optical network. Chinese J. Comput., 31: 1679-1686.
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11:   Ren, Y.M., H.N. Tang, J. Li and H.L. Qian, 2008. Optical network control and management for grid applications. J. Software, 19: 1481-1490.
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12:   Ren, Y.M., H.N. Tang, J. Li and H.L. Qian, 2009. A novel congestion control algorithm for high performance bulk data transfer. Proceedings of the 8th IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications, July 9-11, IEEE Computer Society, Cambridge, pp: 211-218.
13:   Ren, Y.M., H.N. Tang, J. Li and H.L. Qian, 2009. Improving TCP performance with selective negative acknowledgement in hybrid optical packet network. Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer and Network Technology, July 24-26, Chennai, India, pp: 122-128.
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14:   Ren, Y.M., H.N. Tang, J. Li and H.L. Qian, 2010. Transport protocols for fast long distance networks. J. Software, 21: 1576-1588.
15:   Wang, G., Y. Ren and J. Li, 2012. Experimental study of congestion control algorithm in fast long distance network. ICIC Express Lett., 6: 2617-2624.
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16:   Wang, G., Y. Ren and J. Li, 2014. An effective approach to alleviating the challenges of transmission control protocol. IET Commun., 8: 860-869.
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17:   Wang, G., Y. Ren, K. Dou and J. Li, 2014. IDTCP: An effective approach to mitigating the TCP incast problem in data center networks. Inf. Sys. Front., 16: 35-44.
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18:   Wang, G., Y. Wu, K. Dou, Y. Ren and J. Li, 2014. AppTCP: The design and evaluation of application-based TCP for e-VLBI in fast long distance networks. Future Gener. Comput. Syst., 39: 67-74.
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19:   Wang, W., M. Tang, Y. Ren and J. Li, 2010. Characterization and evaluation of end-system performance aware transport schemes for fast long-distance optical networks. Inform. Technol. J., 9: 766-773.
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20:   Wang, W.H., Y.M. Ren, M.J. Tang, J. Li and H.L. Qian, 2010. End-system performance aware transport protocols. J. Software, 21: 1635-1645.
21:   Yong-Mao, R., T. Hai-Na, L. Jun and Q. Hua-Lin, 2009. Performance comparison of TCP variants for high-speed network by NS2 simulation. Comput. Eng., 35: 6-9.