Hi, I am Lina Sun, My LiveDNA is 86.12313
Dr. Lina Sun
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Language Education from Saint Louis University, United States
Institute: China University of Petroleum, China
Area of Interest: Social Sciences
  •   Literacy
  •   Education
  •   Communication
  •   English Language Teaching
URL: http://livedna.org/86.12313
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Sun, L. and K. Pole, 2012. Representations of the cultural revolution in children's picture books. Missouri Reader, 36: 29-35.
2:   Sun, L., 2008. The symbolism of food and clothes in the joy luck club. Writer, 17: 56-57.
3:   Sun, L., 2013. Growing up in red China: Representations of the Chinese cultural revolution in young adult novels and memoirs. Critical Literacy: Theor. Pract., 7: 20 -32.
4:   Sun, L., 2013. School dropouts and migrant youth workers: Adolescents in contemporary China represented in YA novels. Voice Young Advocates, 36: 622-624.
5:   Sun, L., 2013. The misrepresentation of Chinese, Chinese-Americans and Chinese culture in children's picture books. Pennsylvania Reads, 12: 32-38.
6:   Sun, L., 2014. The lost daughters of China-representations of transracial Chinese adoption in young adult literature. Voice Youth Advocates, 37: 30-34.
7:   Sun, L., 2015. Babies without borders-representations of transracial Chinese adoption in picture books. Multicult. Educ., 12: 36-42.
8:   Sun, L., 2015. Crafting a space for critical literacy in second language education: Integrating peace education into EFL curriculum through graphic novels. Overseas English, (In Press). .
9:   Sun, L., 2015. Graphic journeys in a high school language arts classroom: Teaching critical thinking and reading for peace education. Pennsylvania Reads, 14: 30-38.
10:   Sun, L., 2015. Social media, critical literacy and young adult literature: A workable Union? Critical Literacy: Theor. Pract., 10: 26-39.
11:   Sun, L., 2015. Violent encounters in secondary English language arts classrooms: Representations of conflicts and wars in graphic novels. Voice Youth Advocates, 38: 28-36.
12:   Wang, Q.P. and L. Sun, 2005. The World's No. 1s: History of World Invention. The Oriental Press, Guangdong, China.