Hi, I am Xiuhui Zhong, My LiveDNA is 86.1457
Dr. Xiuhui Zhong
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine from China Agricultural University, Beijing, China
Institute: Agricultural University of Hebei, China
Area of Interest: Animal and Veterinary Sciences
  •   Veterinary Medicine
  •   Animal Diseases
  •   Animal Reproduction
  •   Animal Poultry
URL: http://livedna.org/86.1457
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Li, G., A. Ma, W. Shi and X.H. Zhong, 2010. Quercetin protects hamster spermatogenic cells from oxidative damage induced by diethylstilboestrol. Andrologia, 42: 285-290.
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2:   Ma, A., W. Shi, X. Niu, M. Wang and X. Zhong, 2009. Effects of Echinacea purpurea extract on the immunological response to infectious bursal disease vaccine in broilers. Front. Agric. China, 3: 452-456.
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3:   Ma, A.T., X.H. Zhong, Z.M. Liu, W.Y. Shi and J. Du et al., 2009. Protective effects of baicalin against bromocriptine induced abortion in mice. Am. J. Chinese Med., 37: 85-95.
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4:   Ni, Y., X.H. Zhong, H. Wang, L. Xu and S. Wei, 2009. Effects of microbial agents on small intestinal structure and the quantity of cecal microorganisms in broilers. Front. Agric. China, 3: 84-88.
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5:   Wang, W., X.H. Zhong, A. Ma, W. Shi, X.S. Zhang and Y. Liu, 2008. Effects of ginkgo biloba on testicle injury induced by diethylstilbestrol in mice. Am. J. Chinese Med., 36: 1135-1144.
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6:   Wang, X., A. Ma, W. Shi, M. Geng, X.H. Zhong and Y. Zhao, 2011. Quercetin and bornyl acetate regulate T-lymphocyte subsets and INF-γ/IL-4 ratio in utero in pregnant mice. Evidence-Based Complement. Alternative Med., (In Press). 10.1155/2011/745262.
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7:   Zhang, J.L., W.Y. Shi, W. Zhong, A.T. Ma and X.D. Wang et al., 2010. Effects of toosendanin on pregnancy and uterine immunity alterations in mice. Am. J. Chinese Med., 38: 319-328.
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8:   Zhang, Q., G. Jiang, S. Li and X.H. Zhong, 2009. Effect of a Chinese herbal formula Astragalus immunomodulator on immune function of chickens. Front. Agric. China, 3: 209-215.
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9:   Zhong, X.H., W. Shi, A. Ma, X. Wang, J. Zhang and X. Li, 2007. Influence of radix scutellariae on Th1/Th2 cytokine balance in RU486-induced abortion in mice. Front. Agric. China, 1: 96-100.
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10:   Zhong, X.H., W.Y. Shi, A.T. Ma, X.C. Gong, X.H. Zhai, T. Zhang and X.D. Wang, 2008. Effects of radix scutellariae and rhizoma atractylodis on LPS-induced abortion and the uterine IL-10 contents in mice. Am. J. Chinese Med., 36: 141-148.
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