Dr. Jucheng		  Yang

Dr. Jucheng Yang

Chonbuk National University, Republic of Korea

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Computer Application from Chonbuk National University, Republic of Korea

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Area of Interest:

Computer Sciences
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Application
Computer Analysis
Neural Networks




Chonbuk National University, Republic of Korea

Computer Application

Selected Publications

  1. Yang, J., 2011. Fingerprint matching using multiple sets of invariant moments. ICIC Express Lett., 5: 243-248.

  2. Yang, J., 2011. A new approach for fingerprint image enhancement in frequency domain. ICIC Express Lett. B: Appl., 2: 171-176.

  3. Song, W., J. Yang and C. Li, 2011. Intelligent information retrieval system using automatic thesaurus construction. Int. J. Gen. Syst., 40: 395-415.
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  4. Yang, Y., D.S. Park, S. Huang and J. Yang, 2010. Fusion of CT and MR images using an improved wavelet based method. J. X-Ray Sci. Technol., 18: 157-170.
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  5. Yang, S., Z. Song, Z. Fang and J. Yang, 2010. A novel affine attack robust blind watermarking algorithm. Procedia Eng., 7: 239-246.
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  6. Yang, J., D.S. Park and R. Hitchcock, 2008. Effective enhancement of low-quality fingerprints with local ridge compensation. IEICE Electron. Express, 5: 1002-1009.
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  7. Yang, J. and D.S. Park, 2008. Fingerprint verification based on invariant moment features and nonlinear BPNN. Int. J. Control Autom. Syst., 6: 800-808.
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  8. Yang, J. and D.S. Park, 2008. A fingerprint verification algorithm using tessellated invariant moment features. Neurocomputing, 71: 1939-1946.
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