Hi, I am Xiang Yang Liang, My LiveDNA is 86.2016
Dr. Xiang Yang Liang
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Computer Simulation from Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
Institute: Xian Technological University, China
Area of Interest: Computer Sciences
  •   Computer Simulation
  •   Network Management
  •   Software Engineering
  •   Information Technology
URL: http://livedna.org/86.2016
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Liang, X. and J. Zhao, 2011. Agent-based topology discovery for tactical internet. Inform. Technol. J., 10: 1388-1394.
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2:   Liang, X., F. Kang, L. Zhong and R. Li, 2007. Research of updating method of hla compatibility of multi-element model in simulation. Inform. Technol. J., 6: 1270-1275.
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3:   Xiang-yang, L. and Z. Jia, 2011. Performance evaluation of computer network system. Comput. Technol. Dev., 21: 218-220.
4:   Xiangyang, L. and K. Fengju, 2005. Research and implementation of air defense missile network performance management system. J. Projectiles Rockets Missiles Guidance, 25: 37-39.
5:   Xiangyang, L. and K. Fengju, 2007. Design and implementation of air defense C4ISR architecture. J. Ordnance Eng. College, 19: 14-19.
6:   Xiangyang, L. and K. Fengju, 2008. Designing of C4ISR architecture based on RUP. Microcomputer Appl., 28: 1292-1296.
7:   Xiangyang, L. and K. Fengju, 2008. Research on data gathering and storage algorithm in C~4ISR communication simulation network. Fire Control Command Control, 33: 107-110.
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8:   Xiangyang, L. and Z. Qiong, 2011. Engineering ability training in the classroom teaching. Value Eng., 2: 247-248.
9:   Xiangyang, L. and Z. lu, 2010. Research on topology discovery and display of tactical internet. Microcomputer Appl., 31: 25-28.
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10:   Xiangyang, L., K. Fengju and Z. Lianjiong, 2007. Research and implementation of transformation method of HLA compatibility on simulation system. Comput. Eng. Appl., 43: 221-224.
11:   Xiangyang, L., Y. Zhengqiang and L. Zhijun, 2006. The technological research for the development of enrollment system. J. Xian Technol. Univ., 26: 142-145.