Hi, I am Chunyu Wang, My LiveDNA is 86.213
Dr. Chunyu Wang
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Nankai University, China
Institute: University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA
Area of Interest:
  •   Breast Cancer
  •   Cancer Research
  •   Genetic Epidemiology
  •   Prostate Cancer
URL: http://livedna.org/86.213
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Liu, L., W. Zhuang, C. Wang, Z. Chen, X.T. Wu and Y. Zhou, 2010. Interleukin-8-251 A/T gene polymorphism and gastric cancer susceptibility: A meta-analysis of epidemiological studies. Cytokine, 50: 328-334.
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2:   Miao, L., J. Shi, C.Y. Wang, Y. Zhu and X. Du et al., 2010. Estrogen receptor-related receptor alpha mediates up-regulation of aromatase expression by prostaglandin E2 in prostate stromal cells. Mol. Endocrinol., 24: 1175-1186.
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3:   Strecker, T.E., Q. Shen, Y. Zhang, J.L. Hill and Y. Li et al., 2009. Effect of lapatinib on the development of estrogen receptor-negative mammary tumors in mice. J. Natl. Cancer Inst., 101: 107-113.
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4:   Wang, C., 2010. Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Curr. Opin. Urol., 20: 49-54.
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5:   Wang, C.Y., J.D. Shi, C.H. Yan, Q. Wu and H. Klocker et al., 2007. Development of a cell-isolation method for human prostatic smooth muscle cells based on cell type-specific activation of the SM22 gene promoter. Br. J. Urol. Int., 99: 183-188.
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6:   Wang, C.Y., J.D. Shi, Y. Zhu and J. Zhang, 2005. Application of chromatin immunoprecipitation assay in deciphering DNA-protein interactions. Yi Chuan, 27: 801-807.
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7:   Wang, R., B. Zhong, Y. Liu and C. Wang, 2010. Association between α-adducin gene polymorphism (Gly460Trp) and genetic predisposition to salt sensitivity: A meta-analysis. J. Applied Genet., 51: 87-94.
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8:   Wu, Q., J. Shi, L. Chen, C.Y. Wang, I. Park, C. Lee and J. Zhang, 2008. Regulation of proliferation and differentiation of prostatic stromal cells by oestradiol through prostatic epithelial cells in a paracrine manner. Br. J. Urol. Int., 101: 497-502.
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9:   Wu, Q., Y. Zhou, L. Chen, J. Shi and C.Y. Wang et al., 2007. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) epithelial cell line BPH-1 induces aromatase expression in prostatic stromal cells via prostaglandin E2. J. Endocrinol., 195: 89-94.
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10:   Xu, Y., Z. Fan, J. Sun, R. Liu, W. Zhao, C. Wang and J. Zhang, 2006. The biological effect of hepsin on the proliferation and invasion of PC-3 prostate cancer cells. Chinese J. Clin. Oncol., 3: 288-291.
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11:   Zhang, L., C.Y. Wang, R. Yang, J. Shi and R. Fu et al., 2008. Real-time quantitative RT-PCR assay of prostate-specific antigen and prostate-specific membrane antigen in peripheral blood for detection of prostate cancer micrometastasis. Urol. Oncol., 26: 634-640.
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