Hi, I am Hongliang Yang, My LiveDNA is 86.4245
Dr. Hongliang Yang
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Molecular Sciences from Colorado State University, USA
Institute: Colorado State University, USA
Area of Interest: Molecular Sciences
  •   Microbiology
  •   Immunity
  •   Genetics
  •   Infectious Diseases
URL: http://livedna.org/86.4245
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Fang, Z., L.W. Jun, Y.H. Liang, H.E. Ping, G.X. Kui and J.X. Cheng, 2004. Analysis of flagella-associated genes in leptospira interrogens. Chinese J. Zoonoses, 20: 1028-1031.
2:   Hongliang, Y., G. Aiping, T. Kaisen, Z. Wanxiang and Q. Hai, 2000. Analyze on 638 specimens using BACTEC 9050 auto blood culture system. Shanghai J. Med. Lab. Sci., 15: 28-28.
3:   Jin-Hong, Q., S. Yue-Ying, Z. Zhi-ming, Y. Hong-liang, L. Shi-Gui, Z. Guo-Ping and G. Xiao-Kui, 2006. Genome-wide transcriptional analysis of two differentially pathogenic Leptospira cultured at 37oC. Chinese J. Zoonoses, 22: 897-900.
4:   Jing, X.U., L.I.W. Jun, Y.H. Liang, Z. Lin and H.U.B. Yu et al., 2007. Leptospira interrogans collagenase expressed in the lung tissue of a guinea pig model of leptospirosis. Chinese J. Zoonoses, 23: 647-651.
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5:   Jun, W.L., Y. Huifeng, Y.H. Liang, J.X. Cheng and G.X. Kui, 2006. Structural and functional analysis for collagenase of Leptospira interrogans. World J. Infect., 4: 9-11.
6:   Li, H., Y.H. Liang, L.W. Jun and G.X. Kui, 2005. Characterization analysis of chemotaxis genes from leptospira interrogens. Acad. J. SSMU, 25: 33-35.
7:   Liang, Y.H., J.X. Cheng, F.A. Fen, L.W. Jun, H.B. Yu and G. Kui, 2003. Experimental study on guinea pigs infected by L. interrogans strain lai and detection of leptospiral antigen in the tissues by immunohistochemistry staining. Chinese J. Zoonoses, 19: 27-30.
8:   Liang, Y.H., L. Wei, Q.J. Hong, H.U.B. Yu, Y. Yang, T.L. Zhi and G.U.O.X. Kui, 2007. Research on antigenicity and conservation of Leptospira interrogans vaccine candidate gene LB061. `J. Mic. Infect., 2: 26-29.
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9:   Liang, Y.H., L.W. Jun, J.X. Cheng and G.X. Kui, 2004. Characteristic analysis of adhesion and invasion genes in Leptospira interrogans. J. Microbiol., 24: 1-4.
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13:   Wei, L., Y.H. Liang, Y. Yang, H.U.B. Yu, D. Ke, T.L. Zhi and G.X. Kui, 2007. Antigenicity and conservation of a novel protein belonging to OmpA family in Leptospira interrogans. J. Micr. Infect., 2: 202-205.
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19:   Yang, H.L., X.C. Jiang, X.Y. Zhang, W.J. Li and B.Y. Hu et al., 2006. Thrombocytopenia in the experimental leptospirosis of guinea pig is not related to disseminated intravascular coagulation. Biol. Med. Chem. Infect. Dis., 6: 19-19.
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