Hi, I am Hailong Zhang, My LiveDNA is 86.772
Dr. Hailong Zhang
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Molecular Immunology from Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Wuhan, China
Institute: Emory University, USA
Area of Interest: Molecular Sciences
  •   Microbiology
  •   Cell Biology
  •   Immunology
  •   Molecular Biology
URL: http://livedna.org/86.772
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Fan, W., H.L. Zhang and X.M. Wu, 2005. Enhancement effect of nucleotide excision repair gene xeroderma pigmentosun group a antisense RNA on sensitivity of human lung adenocarcinoma cell line A549 to cisplatin. Ai Zheng, 24: 403-407.
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2:   Liang, H., B. Yin, H. Zhang, S. Zhang and Q. Zeng et al., 2008. Blockade of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) receptor type 1-mediated TNF-α signaling protected Wistar rats from diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance. Endocrinology, 149: 2943-2951.
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3:   Xin, L., J. Wang, H. Zhang, W. Shi, M. Yu et al., 2006. Dual regulation of soluble tumor necrosis factor-α induced activation of human monocytic cells via modulating transmembrane TNF-α-mediated 'reverse signaling'. Int. J. Mol. Med., 18: 885-892.
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4:   Yan, D., N. Qin, H. Zhang, T. Liu and M. Yu et al., 2009. Expression of TNF-α leader sequence renders MCF-7 tumor cells resistant to the cytotoxicity of soluble TNF-α. Breast Cancer Res. Treat., 116: 91-102.
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5:   Zhang, H., D. Yan, X. Shi, H. Liang and Y. Pang et al., 2008. Transmembrane TNF-α mediates forward and reverse signaling, inducing cell death or survival via the NF-κB pathway in Raji Burkitt lymphoma cells. J. Leukoc Biol., 84: 789-797.
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6:   Zhang, H., L. Gu, J. Li, J. He and M. Zhou, 2010. MDM2 and its interaction with MYCN in neuroblastoma survival. AACR 101th Annu. Meeting, .
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7:   Zhang, H., L. Gu, J. Li, J. He and M. Zhou, 2010. MDM2 regulates MYCN mRNA stabilization and translation in human neuroblastoma cells. AACR 101th Annu. Meeting. .
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8:   Zhang, S., T. Liu, H. Liang, H. Zhang and D. Yan et al., 2009. Lipid rafts uncouple surface expression of transmembrane TNF-α from its cytotoxicity associated with ICAM-1 clustering in Raji cells. Mol. Immunol., 46: 1551-1560.
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