Hi, I am Md. Tarikul Islam, My LiveDNA is 880.11986
Mr. Md. Tarikul Islam
Highest Degree: M.Sc./M.Sc. (Hons.) in Real Estate Management from KTH Royal Institute of Technlogy, Sweden
Institute: Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh
Area of Interest: Business Management and Accounting
  •   Corporate Social Responsibility
  •   Accountability
  •   Entrepreneurship
  •   Tourism
URL: http://livedna.org/880.11986
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Ahamed, K.F. and M.T. Islam, 2014. Factors associated with job involvement: A study of commercial bank people in Bangladesh. J. Islamic Econ. Bank. Finance, 10: 140-150.
2:   Ahmed, F. and M.T. Islam, 2008. E-banking: Performance, problems and potentials in Bangladesh. Bus. Rev., Vol. 6. .
3:   Bose, T.K., A.A. Nahid, M.T. Islam and R.K. Saha, 2010. SMS advertising and its prospects in Bangladesh. J. Theor. Appl. Inf. Technol., 11: 97-107.
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4:   Islam, M., F.T. Islam and A. Ahmed, 2013. Performance analysis of selected private commercial banks in Bangladesh. Jahangirnagar J. Finance Banking, 1: 37-48.
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5:   Islam, M.T. and K. Arefin, 2008. Impact of cultural shocks of Bangladeshi migrants on remittance earning and development of business and economy. J. Bus. Admin., Vol. 34. .
6:   Islam, M.T. and K. Arefin, 2009. Real estate market in Bangladesh: Development and current practice. AMDIB Manage. Rev., 1: 73-88.
7:   Islam, M.T. and K. Arefin, 2011. Understanding investors' behavior with reference to the z-category shares. Jahangirnagar J. Bus. Stud., 1: 74-96.
8:   Islam, M.T. and M.K. Hamid, 2014. The practice of corporate social responsibility in the banking sector of Bangladesh. Jahangirnagar J. Finance Banking, Vol. 2. .
9:   Islam, M.T. and M.T. Islam, 2012. Consumer ethnocentrism and buy local theme: Perspective of Bangladesh. J. Nazrul Univ., .
10:   Islam, M.T. and S. Nazneen, 2013. Efficiency in working capital management and its relationship with profitability: Study on the engineering sector in Bangladesh. Jahangirnagar J. Finance Banking, Vol. 1. .
11:   Islam, M.T. and S.Q. Fatema, 2012. Women micro entrepreneurship and socio economic development in Khulna. Jahangirnagar J. Bus. Stud., 2: 52-65.
12:   Islam, M.T., 2012. Ethics pops up, economy constrains: Ethical dilemma of tobacco retailers in selling cigarette to minors. Eur. J. Bus. Manage., 4: 1-10.
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13:   Rahim, M.M., M.T. Islam and S. Kuruppu, 2016. Regulating global shipping corporations' accountability for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the seas. Mar. Policy, 69: 159-170.
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14:   Saroar, M.M., A. Jahiruddin, M.T. Islam and S.M. Hasan, 2010. Cash in trash: An overview of waste recycling industry in Khulna city. Bus. Rev., 7: 103-111.