Hi, I am Muhammad Mezbah-ul-Islam, My LiveDNA is 880.12016
Dr. Muhammad Mezbah-ul-Islam
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Library and Information Science from North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, India
Institute: University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Area of Interest: Social Sciences
  •   Information Literacy
  •   User Assesment Studies
  •   Measuring Library Effectiveness
  •   Academic Library Policy
URL: http://livedna.org/880.12016
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Chandel, A.S. and M. Mezbah ul Islam, 2011. Challenges of digital age for librarians: Problems and issues in building institutional repositories. East. Librarian, 22: 14-24.
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2:   Islam, M. and M. Mezbah ul Islam, 2010. Community information services through public libraries in Bangladesh: Problems and proposals. Lib. Philosophy Pract., .
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3:   Islam, M.A. and M. Mezbah Ul Islam, 2008. Community information services in Bangladesh: a case study on community information centre (CIC). Lib. Herald, 46: 255-279.
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4:   Jamal Uddin, M., and M. Mezbah ul Islam, 2012. The flow of, and access to, information in Bangladesh: A village level case study. Int. Inf. Lib. Rev., 44: 224-232.
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5:   Mostofa, S.M. and M. Mezbah ul Islam, 2015. Challenges and opportunities of knowledge management in university library: a case study of Dhaka university library in Bangladesh. J. Inf. Sci. Theory Pract., 3: 49-61.
6:   Mukhlesur Rahman, M. and M. Mezbah ul Islam, 2014. Issues and strategy of institutional repositories (IR) in Bangladesh: a paradigm shift. Electron. Lib., 32: 47-61.
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7:   Rahman, A.I.M., M. Khatun and D. Mezbah ul Islam, 2008. Library education in Bangladesh: Strengths, problems, and suggestions. Lib. Philosophy Pract., .
8:   Saraf, V. and M. Mezbah ul Islam, 2002. Measuring library effectiveness: A holistic approach. J. Lib. Inf. Sci., 27: 81-105.
9:   Uddin, M.N., M. Mezbah ul Islam and K.M.G. Haque, 2006. Information description and discovery method using classification structures in web. Malaysian J. Lib. Inf. Sci., 11: 1-20.