Hi, I am Alim Al Ayub Ahmed, My LiveDNA is 880.1770
Dr. Alim Al Ayub Ahmed
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Accounting and Finance from Rajshahi University, Bangladesh
Institute: ASA University Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Area of Interest: Business Management and Accounting
  •   Finance
  •   Marketing
  •   Auditing
  •   Business Technology
URL: http://livedna.org/880.1770
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Ahmed, A.A. and S. Hossain, 2010. Audit report lag: A study of the Bangladeshi listed companies. ASA Univ. Rev., 4: 49-56.
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2:   Ahmed, A.A. and T.K. Neogy, 2010. Forensic accounting in Bangladesh: Emergence and introduction. Dev. Compilation, 3: 71-82.
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3:   Ahmed, A.A., 2012. Disclosure of financial reporting and firm structure as a determinant: A study on the listed companies of DSE. ASA Univ. Rev., 6: 43-60.
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4:   Ahmed, A.A.A. and M. Ahmed, 2009. An empirical analysis of performance measurement of the disclosure in financial reporting: A study of banking sector in Bangladesh. Proceedings of the 2nd COMSATS International Business Research Conference, November 14, 2009, Lahore, Pakistan, pp: 1-20.
5:   Ahmed, A.A.A. and M. Siddique, 2013. Internet banking espousal in Bangladesh: A probing study. Eng. Int., Vol. 1. .
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6:   Ahmed, A.A.A. and M.M. Dey, 2009. Measurement and analysis of the extent of disclosure: A study of banking companies in Bangladesh. Proceedings of the 1st Virtual Conference on Business and Management, September 22-23, 2009, U21Global Graduate School, Singapore, pp: 12-.
7:   Ahmed, A.A.A. and M.M. Dey, 2010. Accounting disclosure scenario: An empirical study of the banking sector of Bangladesh. Accounting Manage. Inf. Syst., 9: 581-602.
8:   Ahmed, A.A.A. and W. Khan, 2010. Accounting disclosure changes of listed companies in Bangladeshi context. Proceedings of the 5th Annual International Research Conference on Management and Finance, December 23-24, 2010, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, pp: 47-55.
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9:   Ahmed, A.A.A., 2009. Measurement and analysis of the extent of timeliness in corporate annual reports of banking sector in Bangladesh. Measurement, 1: 45-56.
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10:   Ahmed, A.A.A., 2009. The effect of timeliness regulation of corporate financial reporting: Evidence from banking sector of Bangladesh. Accounting Manage. Inf. Syst., 8: 216-235.
11:   Ahmed, A.A.A., 2012. Accounting in Islamic perspective: A timely opportunity a timely challenge. ASA Univ. Rev., 6: 11-31.
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12:   Ahmed, A.A.A., 2015. Intellectual capital as the determinant of voluntary disclosure: A study on financial sector of Bangladesh. Asian Accounting Auditing Adv., 5: 51-59.
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13:   Ahmed, A.A.A., 2015. Relationship between foreign direct investment and company taxation: Case of Bangladesh. Am. J. Trade Policy, 2: 125-129.
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14:   Ahmed, A.A.A., M.M. Dey and W. Akhter, 2009. Timeliness attributes and the extent of disclosure: A study of banking sector in Bangladesh. Proceedings of the International Conference on Business and Technology, April 5-6, Iqra University, Islamabad, Pakistan, pp: 1-7.
15:   Ahmed, A.A.A., M.M. Dey, W. Akhter and A. Raza, 2011. Timeliness attributes and the extent of accounting disclosure: A study of banking companies in Bangladesh. Interdiscip. J. Contemp. Res. Bus., 3: 915-925.
16:   Ahmed, A.A.A., W. Khan and M.S. Hossain, 2011. Reporting practice of accounting disclosure on changes in listed companies of Bangladesh. ASA Univ. Rev., 5: 83-96.
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17:   Ahmed, AAA., 2009. Bank loan officers perception towards corporate financial disclosure in the banking sector of Bangladesh: An empirical analysis. J. Instit. Bangladesh Stud., 32: 273-282.
18:   Khan, W., A.A.A. Ahmed and T.K. Neogy, 2010. Recruitment, selection issues and challenges in public sector: Bangladesh case study. Proceedings of the 4th Asian Business Research Conference, December 23-24, 2010, Dhaka, Bangladesh -.
19:   Neogy, T.K. and A.A.A. Ahmed, 2014. The extent of disclosure of different components of disclosure index: A study on commercial banks in Bangladesh. Global Disclosure Econ. Bus., 4: 100-110.
20:   Quader, M.T., T.K. Neogy and A.A.A. Ahmed, 2010. Econometric growth rates analysis of basic bank limited in Bangladesh: An evaluation. Dev. Compilation, 4: 48-60.
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21:   Rouf, M.A., M.S. Hasan and A.A.A. Ahmed, 2014. Financial reporting practices in the textile manufacturing sectors of Bangladesh. ABC J. Adv. Res., 3: 57-67.