Hi, I am Tong Bou Chang, My LiveDNA is 886.663
Dr. Tong Bou Chang
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
Institute: Southern Taiwan University, Taiwan
Area of Interest: Engineering
  •   Mechanical Engineering
  •   Evaporation
  •   Boiling Heat Transfer
  •   Condensation Heat Transfer
URL: http://livedna.org/886.663
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Chang, T.B. and J.S. Chiou, 1999. Spray evaporation heat transfer of R-141b on a horizontal tube bundles. Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, 42: 1467-1478.
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2:   Chang, T.B. and J.S. Chiou, 2005. Heat transfer enhancement in a spray evaporator. J. Enhanced Heat Transfer, 12: 85-100.
3:   Chang, T.B. and J.S. Chiou, 2005. Spray heat transfer for a low-finned shell-and-tube evaporator. J. Chung Cheng Inst. Technol., 34: 95-108.
4:   Chang, T.B., 2004. Laminar film condensation on a finite-size horizontal plate in a porous medium. J. Chung Cheng Inst. Technol., 33: 69-76.
5:   Chang, T.B., 2005. Laminar film condensation on a horizontal plate in a porous medium with surface tension effects. J. Mar. Sci. Technol., 13: 257-264.
6:   Chang, T.B., 2006. Analysis of mixed-convection condensation on vertical isothermal plate using third level truncation method. J. Chung Cheng Inst. Technol., 34: 249-260.
7:   Chang, T.B., 2006. Effects of capillary force on laminar filmwise condensation on a horizontal disk in a porous medium. Applied Thermal Eng., 26: 2308-2315.
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8:   Chang, T.B., 2006. Effects of nozzle configurations on a shell-and-tube spray evaporator with liquid catcher. Applied Thermal Eng., 26: 814-823.
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9:   Chang, T.B., 2006. Internal irreversibility and optimization of a refrigeration plant. JSME Int. J. Ser. B: Fluids Thermal Eng., 49: 1260-1265.
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10:   Chang, T.B., 2007. Exergetic efficiency optimization for an irreversible carnot heat engine. J. Mech., 23: 181-186.
11:   Chang, T.B., 2007. Heat transfer and second law analysis for laminar film condensation on a finite-size horizontal disk. J. Thermal Sci. Technol., 2: 31-42.
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12:   Chang, T.B., 2007. Optimal allocation of heat transfer area for a refrigeration plant. J. Mar. Sci. Technol., 15: 41-46.
13:   Chang, T.B., 2007. Optimization of a realistic refrigeration plant under a fixed total thermal conductance constraint. Trans. Can. Soc. Mech. Eng., 31: 243-253.
14:   Chang, T.B., 2008. Effects of surface tension on laminar filmwise condensation on a horizontal plate in a porous medium with suction at the wall. Chem. Eng. Commun., 195: 721-737.
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15:   Chang, T.B., 2008. Laminar film condensation on a horizontal wavy plate embedded in a porous medium. Int. J. Thermal Sci., 47: 35-42.
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16:   Chang, T.B., 2008. Mixed-convection film condensation along outside surface of vertical tube in saturated vapor with forced flow. Applied Thermal Eng., 28: 547-555.
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17:   Chang, T.B., C.T. Huang, C.F. Kao and J.C. Li, 2007. The investigation of maximum cooling load and cooling capability prediction methods for the air-condition system of vehicle in Taiwan. J. Vehicle Eng., 4: 19-38.
18:   Hung, C.R., L.J. Liang, T.B. Chang and J.R. Lin, 2004. Purely squeezing film characteristics in partial porous journal bearings with infinite length. Ind. Lubric. Tribol., 56: 107-113.
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19:   Lin, H.W., Y.X. Zheng, W.K. Lin and T.B. Chang, 2003. An axial heat conduction model to predict the maximum heat removed of the miniature heat pipe. Trans. Aeronautical Astronautical Soc., 35: 393-400.
20:   Lin, J.R., R.F. Lu and T.B. Chang, 2003. Derivation of dynamic couple-stress reynolds equation of sliding-squeezing surfaces and numerical solution of plane inclined slider bearings. Tribol. Int., 36: 679-685.
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