Hi, I am Fatih Satil, My LiveDNA is 90.269
Dr. Fatih Satil
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Plant Biology from Balikesir University, Turkey
Institute: Balikesir University, Turkey
Area of Interest: Plant and Soil Sciences
  •   Botany
  •   Plant Anatomy
  •   Plant Biology
  •   Morphology
URL: http://livedna.org/90.269
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Akan, H. and F. Satil, 2005. Morphological and anatomical investigations on some species of Colchicum L. Occurring in South East Anatolia, Turkey. J. Biol. Sci., 5: 402-410.
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2:   Kaya, A., F. Satil and F. Gogel, 2009. Nutlet surface micromorphology of Turkish Satureja (Lamiaceae). Biologia, 64: 902-907.
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3:   Satil, F. and A. Kaya, 2007. Leaf anatomy and hairs of Turkish Satureja L. (lamiaceae). Acta Biol. Cracov., 49: 67-76.
4:   Satil, F. and S. Selvi, 2007. An anatomical and ecological study of some Crocus L. taxa (iridaceae) from the west part of Turkey. Acta Bot.Croat., 66: 25-33.
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5:   Satil, F., 2009. Threatening factors on plant diversity of kazdagi (ida mountain) national park in Turkey and suggestions for conservation. Biotechnol. Biotechnol. Equipment, 23: 208-211.
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6:   Satil, F., A. Kaya, A. Bicakci, S. Ozatli and G. Tumen, 2005. Comparative morphological anatomical and palynological studies on Thymus migricus klokov and des.-shost and T. fedtschenkoi ronniger var. handelii (ronniger) jalas grown in East Anatolia. Pak. J. Bot., 37: 531-549.
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7:   Satil, F., G. Tumen, A. Akcelik and K.H.C. Baser, 2002. Comparative morphological, anatomical, ecological and chemical studies on endemic Satureja parnassica subsp. Sipylea from Turkey. Acta Bot. Croat., 61: 207-220.
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8:   Satil, F., T. Dirmenci, G. Tumen and Y. Turan, 2008. Commercial and ethnic uses of Satureja (sivri kekik) species in Turkey. Ekoloji, 17: 1-7.
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