Hi, I am Ender Durualp, My LiveDNA is 90.3180
Dr. Ender Durualp
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Child Development and Education from Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey
Institute: Cankiri Karatekin University, Turkey
Area of Interest: Social Sciences
  •   Child Development
  •   Child Education
  •   Child Health
  •   Children Diseases
URL: http://livedna.org/90.3180
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Aral, N. and E. Durualp, 2010. Pre-school Children's Development Areas by Period Properties. In: Methods in Special Education Pre-School Education. Zembat, R. (Ed.). Ani Yayincilik, Ankara, Turkey., pp: 1-33..
2:   Cicekoglu, P. and E. Durualp, 2013. Investigation of the loneliness levels of the adolescents who are living in an orphanage in term of internet addiction and various variables. Dokuz Eylul Univ. J. Graduate Sch. Social Sci., 15: 29-46.
3:   Durualp, E. and E. Durualp, 2012. An investigation of attitudes of 6-8th graders towards universal values. J. Theor. Educ. Sci., 5: 484-499.
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4:   Durualp, E. and N. Altay, 2012. A Comparison of Emotional Indicators and Depressive Symptom Levels of School-Age Children With and Without Cancer. J. Pediatric Oncol. Nursing, 29: 232-239.
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5:   Durualp, E. and N. Aral, 2010. Re-examining the factor structure of social skills scale. Contem. Edu. Rev., 35: 30-37.
6:   Durualp, E. and N. Aral, 2008. Factors affecting test anxiety levels in eight-grade students. In: PART 5: The Life and Conduct of Children and Young People. (Ed.) Leslie Stuart Woodcock. Change and Challenge in Education. Hardback, Greece 500.
7:   Durualp, E. and N. Aral, 2010. A study on the effects of play-based social skills trainıng on social skills of six-year-old children. Hacettepe Univers. J. Edu., 39: 160-172.
8:   Durualp, E. and N. Aral, 2011. A study on the effects of play-based social skills training on social adaptation and skills of six-year-old preschool children. 3th International Congress of Educational Research Life-Long Learning and Informal Education, oral presentation, May 4-7, 2011 Girne, Cyprus -.
9:   Durualp, E. and N. Aral, 2013. Analyzing the effects of play activities on the development of receptive and productive language of children. Int. J. Early Childhood Learn., 19: 39-49.
10:   Durualp, E. and P. Cicekoglu, 2011. Examination of the Overall Situation of the Adolescents in Orphanages: The Case of Cankiri. In: Children and Substance Abuse. Dogutas, C. (Ed.). Asayis Dairesi Baskanligi Yayinlari, Ankara, Turkey., pp: 77-106..
11:   Durualp, E. and P. Cicekoglu, 2013. A study on the loneliness levels of adolescents who live in an orphanage and those who live with their families. Int. J. Acad. Res. Part B, 5: 231-236.
12:   Durualp, E., 2013. Examination of the social and emotional learning skills of adolescents in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades on the basis of certain variables. Int. J. Social Sci. Educ., 3: 658-665.
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13:   Durualp, E., 2015. Maternal and Child Health and First Aid. In: Ilkogretim Okul Oncesi Ogretmenligi Alan Bilgisi. Aral, N., U. Deniz and A. Kan (Ed.). Nobel Akademik Yayincilik, Ankara, Turkey., pp: 107-130..
14:   Durualp, E., F.N. Kara, V. Yılmaz and K. Alaybeyoglu, 2010. Comparison of life qualities according to the views of children and parents with and without chronic disease. J. Ankara Univer. Facul. Med., 63: 55-63.
15:   Durualp, E., G. Bektas, D. Ergin, E. Karaca and E. Topcu, 2011. A study on the relationship between cigarette smoking of the mothers and the newborn's weight, height, and head circumference measurements. J. Ankara Univ. Faculty Med., 64: 119-126.
16:   Durualp, E., K. Kocabas, A. Arslan and K. Ozaydin, 2011. The examination of the needs and stress levels of the parents of handicapped children in terms of some variables. US-China Edu. Rev., 7: 260-272.
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17:   Durualp, E., P. Cicekoglu and E. Durualp, 2013. Examination of the attitude of reading students in the 8th grades in terms of use internet and reading habits. Int. J. Turkish Lit. Culture Educ., 2: 115-132.
18:   Durualp, E., S. Cicenoglu, S. Mumunoglu, G. Kalkanli and Z. Altuntas, 2012. An analysis of the pictures drawn of the hospitalized preschool children. J. Res. Educ. Teach., 1: 249-260.
19:   Durualp, E., T. Karadut, E. Ozen, G. Kul and D. Gul, 2010. Determination of frequency rate of depressive symptoms among working children Anatolian J. Psych., 11: 161-168.
20:   Ender, D. and N. Aral, 2008. The relationship between test anxiety and family support, frequency of the anxiety, factors decreasing and increasing test anxiety and sex factors affecting test anxiety. The Social Sci., 3: 488-493.
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21:   Kara, F.N., K. Alaybeyoglu, D. Arslan, S. Ozkan, E. Cayıroglu, V. Yılmaz and E. Durualp, 2008. Application of preschool health education program on the preschool children: Cankırı model. Saglıcakla Dergisi, 8: 19-21.
22:   Ozaras, G., E. Durualp, F.E. Civelek, B. Gul and M. Unsal, 2010. Analysis of breast self-examination training efficiency in women between 20-60 years of age in turkt. Asian Pacific J. Cancer Prev., 11: 799-802.
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23:   Unal, N. and E. Durualp, 2012. Effect of television on preschool children. Cankiri Karatekin Univ. J. Inst. Social Sci., 3: 93-104.