Hi, I am Hasan Hallaceli, My LiveDNA is 90.325
Dr. Hasan Hallaceli
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Physiotherapy from Hacettepe University, Turkey
Institute: Mustafa Kemal University, Turkey
Area of Interest: Medicine
  •   Physiotherapy
  •   Goniometre
  •   Knee
  •   Muscle Function
URL: http://livedna.org/90.325
My SELECTED Publications
1:    Cimbiz, A., V. Bayazit, H. Hallaceli and U. Cavlak, 2005. The effect of combined therapy (spa and physical therapy) on pain in various chronic diseases. Complement Ther. Med., 13: 244-250.
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2:   Cimbiz, A., U. Cavlak, M. Sari, H. Hallaceli and F. Beydemir, 2006. A new clinical design measuring the vertical axial rotation through tibial shaft resulting from passive knee and subtalar joints rotation in healthy subjects: A reliability study. J. Med. Sci., 6: 751-757.
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3:   Cimbiz, A., V. Bayazit and H. Hallaceli, 2004. Assessment of chest and postural alignment in healthy turkish coal miners. J. Med. Sci., 4: 240-245.
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4:   Hallaceli, H. and I. Gunal, 2002. Normal range of scapular elevation and depression in healthy subjects. Arch. Orthop. Trauma Surg., 122: 99-101.
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5:   Hallaceli, H., A. Cimbiz, U. Cavlak and I. Gunal, 2006. Ranges of scapular elevation and depression in healthy male subjects. Joint Dis. Rel. Surg., 17: 85-88.
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6:   Hallaceli, H., M. Manisali and I. Gunal, 2004. Does scapular elevation accompany glenohumeral abduction in healthy subjects? Arch. Orthop. Trauma Surg., 124: 378-381.
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